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Masonry Group

Founded by 4 Generations of Masonry Construction, Masonry Group focusses their attention on True Quality Workmanship, Artistic Construction and custom Design-Build Masonry projects. We help you, as well as designers, incorporate Modern or Traditional Masonry designs into your projects, whether it be indoor or outdoor we can provide you with Fireplaces, Accents & Feature Walls, Garden Pillars, Wing Walls or simply an Exterior Facelift on your home…We've taken Masonry to a new level and are very excited to share it with you!

Servicing Milton, Burlington & Surrounding Area
-Exterior Masonry Face-Lift Renovations
-New Custom Home Stone & Brick Masonry
-Indoor & Outdoor Fireplaces
-Masonry Repairs & Restorations
-Feature Walls and Interior Decor
-Pillars & Entry Features