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Why You Should Use A Reputable AV Integration Consultant

Everyone has a buddy these days that installs stereos, home automation gizmos, TVs, etc.

A buddy who is up on the iPhone apps, has all the gadgets…you know the guy.But this guy doesn’t really know AV, he is an enthusiast and has no training, doesn’t go to trade shows and has never actually installed a complete home integration system.

So…what’s the problem?The problem is that you will make expensive mistakes and you won’t have half the system you could have had.He won’t have the tools to do a professional job.He won’t have access to the really great products, just the ones at the retail stores.A reputable AV Integration Consultant is someone who has been researching, specifying and installing home audio, video and integration systems for years.This is someone that knows what it takes to do it right and what can go wrong.You want to work with a person who is educated in home wiring, fire code and future technology trends.It is very expensive to fix bad wiring or to run new wires later because your system was not well thought through.

Working with the AV buddy is like skipping the interior designer to work with a friend who has good taste!So the heart of all of the technology these days is the home network, so you really need someone who understands IT.Nothing is more frustrating than a network crashing all the time.Spend a little extra on the network.Make sure that everything is hardwired and give yourself the ability to turn off your Wifi when you don’t need it on. I have written a lot about the reasons you want to reduce electromagnetic radiation at home lately.

Here are some strategies to save money.

  • Get three quotes.Don’t choose the cheapest one; choose the best one.
  • Supply your own TVs and wait for them to go on sale.Once you have a system design in front of you that you like, look for low priority areas to reduce the models that were selected by one or two.
  • Make an offer on the whole package, which is just a little lower than the offered price.These strategies all add up to a lot of money saved!

Whatever you do, don’t skimp on labour.You want good craftsmanship, neat tidy wiring and installation—this will improve reliability, resale value and your overall enjoyment of the system.If you have any questions, let me know!