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Travel NYC and Dream with the Hotel Elysée

I have dreamt of a vacation like this since I was five years-old while watching the Macy’s Day Parade on television, which often falls on my birthday. Every year I watched it, I recalled saying to myself: "someday I’m going to celebrate my birthday right there with all of those people."

Well dreams do come true as I recently celebrated my 44th birthday with the Library Hotel Collection in New York City and saw the Macy’s Day Parade. My first stop was the Hotel Elysée, a boutique hotel on East 54th Street, between Madison and Park Avenues.

With its old New York Charm, the Hotel Elysée offers exceptional value to all its guests. Where in New York City can you find free wi-fi, complimentary breakfast, all day coffee, tea and fruitsand complimentary wine & hors d'oeuvres reception every evening from 5pm - 8pm? The Library Hotel Collection offers these amenities at all of their hotel locations around the world.When you’re in a city like New York, you need all the amenities one can get in order to shop and enjoy all of the fun that the Big Apple has to offer.

Depending on the season and date, hotel rates range between $200 to $450 (USD) per night. Considering all the amenities that Hotel Elysée has to offer and along with its location, I’d say that is beyond competitive compared toother hotels in the city.

The location surrounding the Hotel Elysée is often referred to as the “The Gold Coast”, with shoppingjust a few blocks away from Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, and many Midtown corporate headquarters.

Check out our hotel Facebook live tour and interview with Adele Gutman, Vice President Sales, Marketing,& Revenue at Library Hotel Collection, to truly feel the ambiance and hospitality of the Hotel Elysée.

Hotel Walkability Score Restaurants: 10

My partner and myself flew into New York City, therefore, it was very important to us to find a hotel that was close to many amenities. Hotel Elysée boasts one of the hottest and most world renowned restaurants, the Monkey Bar, which has been featured on Sex in the City as well as Mad Men. Unfortunately, it's closed on Sundays, but we were able to get a quick tour the following day.

Other fine dining restaurants within a close proximity are:

  • Casa Lever: 1/2 block away
  • Caviar Russe: 1/2 block away
  • Bice Restaurant: 2 blocks away
  • BLT Fresco by Scotto: 2 blocks away
  • Brasserie: 2 blocks away
  • BLT Steak: 3 blocks away
  • Four Seasons Restaurant: 3 blocks away
  • Istana: 3 blocks away
  • La Grenouille: 3 blocks away
  • Sushi-Ann: 3 blocks away

During our stay at the Hotel Elysée, we also celebrateda 50th birthday as well. Yep, you guessed it, another dream come true for my partner. Our stay included a visit to the World Famous Serendipity, a 15-minute walk from the hotel, where we enjoyed a Frrrozen Hot Chocolate and a late lunch.

Hotel Walkability Score Sightseeing: 10

It was my travel partner’s first time in New York City and of course, she wanted to get out there and experience the heart of the city upon arrival.

Only a few short blocks away was Fifth Avenue, the World’s most popular street for luxury shopping as well as the huge barricades surrounding Trump Tower, former residence of President Donald Trump.

Another block or two was Central Park where we enjoyed a electric bike tour and saw famous movie locations, the home of John Lennon, and Strawberry Fields. We then proceeded to go a few blocks east to enjoy a little shopping at Bloomingdales. Overall, the tourist locations on the East Side were quickly accessible.

Within a 10-minute walk, guests can explore Midtown Manhattan tourist attractions such as St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the Theatre District, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, NBC Studios, Radio City Music Hall and the Museum of Modern Art. Guests up for a slightly longer walk or quick cab ride, can explore Lincoln Center, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim Museum, The Jacob Javitz Center, The Frick Collection, and the Whitney Museum.

If you’re considering New York City as a summer destination this Summer, the Hotel Elysée is a place you must consider with its 4.5 star Trip Advisor rating. It is my considered opinion that the ambiance of this hotel and the amenities close by is perfect for a romantic trip for two or an adult’s weekend with friends.

As for myself and my guest? They had us at "Hello." Impeccable service and amazing location!

Tune in next week when I give you the details about the The Library Hotel, another hotel of the Library Hotel Collection, which is 299 Madison Avenue at East 41st Street

In the meantime, check out our tour of the Presidential Suites at the Hotel Elysée.

Vladmir Horowitz Suite in Hotel Elysee.

Tour of Vaclav Havel's Suite at Hotel Elysee.