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Tour Prospective Properties from your Home

Thanks to Virtual Reality (VR), the days of driving across town, or flying around the globe to check out a property are passé.

New to the market, this technology represents a new frontier in digital marketing services for web-savvy Realtors, and it will be very convenient for today’s busy professionals who don’t have hours to spend visiting potential homes they are eyeing.

Enter the realm of VR Listing, a new startup company based in Toronto. They are just one of a handful of companies in North America who are now offering this new cutting-edge technology.

“We are offering a layered product, anchored by new technologies that reconstruct physical spaces in a virtual setting,” explains Aaron Tench, co-founder and CEO of VR Listing.

“The process begins with a multi-point scan of the interior of the property. A sophisticated scanning camera utilizes both high-definition optics and calibrated lasers to digitally map out the interior of a space. Several image points are collected, and this information is digitally assembled to create a 3D rendering of the space, which is displayed on your desktop, tablet or smartphone,” he adds. “You don’t need to worry about any downloads, and it is optimized for mobile, desktop and will soon support VR headsets.”

“From anywhere in the world, a homebuyer can view a property inside and out. Anyone can tour 10 homes in 10 minutes from the comfort of their own home. This significantly cuts down on travel time for both the Realtor and the viewer in a big way,” he adds.

Each tour is easy to navigate once you enter a property. With the click of a button on the pop-up menu, you simply tour the area of your choice.

The tour also features an extraordinary “Dollhouse” view— a feature that takes the viewer outside of the property and makes the outer walls disappear, giving users a very unique 3D perspective that can be easily manipulated and viewed from any angle.

“It gives sellers a chance to have an open house 24/7, without the foot traffic through their home,” says Tench.

“This technology is more than convenient for everyone and it saves time and money: real estate agents now have the opportunity to list as many homes as they want without having to run around, and homebuyers can view properties they are interested in from anywhere, without having to leave their homes or offices.”