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How To Know If You Have Ghosts In Your Home

​Do you have ghosts in your home? You hear footsteps in the hallway or upstairs when you know full-well you are the only one home. Items you use in the kitchen or throughout the house disappear with no rhyme or reason and then reappear when you least expect it. Lights go on and off by themselves, and doors open and close on their own. You see something move-out of the corner of your eye but you don’t know exactly what it is. You smell a weird scent, like perfume, flowers, or even whisky. You experience a sudden cold chill in the air that seems eerie and raises the hairs on the back of your neck.

Yes, these just might be the telling signs that there are ghosts in your home, according to Michelle Desrochers, a Burlington, ON-based paranormal researcher. The real-life ghostbuster is also the co-owner and co-founder of Canada’s Most Haunted, a company that specializes in the research of paranormal activities here in Canada, the USA and Europe.

Ghosts − or spirit people as Desrochers calls them − are real, and scores of homeowners have long experienced and reported actual hauntings.

“The thing that anyone needs to determine first is whether or not they have a legitimate case of spirit people living in their home,” says Desrochers. “Homeowners encounter weird things happening all the time, but it doesn’t mean their house is haunted. However when strange things start happening all the time over and over, then this just might be a definite sign that you’re living with spirit people.”

Desrochers offers HOSS Magazine an important checklist that will help you determine if your house is actually haunted with spirit people.

Items disappearing and reappearing: “When new people move into a home and change things around then this will wake spirit people, especially when renovations are being done in a home: it amps things up in a big way,” she explains. “When spirit people detect change, then they will go to great lengths to make their presence known. Things like tools and other valuables around the house will go missing without any explanation and then all of the sudden reappear again.” She also adds that if you think items are being moved then perform your own DIY (Do It Yourself) test. “So, if you think a glass is always being moved on a table, then put some baby powder around it. If you return home to see that the baby powder is spread out and the glass moved, then you know you have spirit people in your home.”

Strange noises: “When you continually hear sounds like scratching, knocking, and footsteps then this is another sign that you just might be living with spirit people,” she says. “Sometimes these noises can be faint or very, very loud.” She adds, “Keep in mind that homes do make noises so when you hear something odd at first don’t assume right away that your house is haunted. But, if you keep hearing strange noises, then yes it might be a real sign that paranormal activity is occurring in your home.”

Doors opening and closing, lights and taps being turned on and off: If you are living with spirit people chances are that you will probably hear doors opening and closing and you might experience lights being turned on and off. This can also happen with electronics − TVs, radios and a variety of electrical powered items − being turned on and off as well. “You may also hear your taps in the house being turned on and off too as spirit people are attracted to damp areas,” she says. “Commonly, these occurrences are not normally seen directly, so you will typically hear them when you are in other parts of the house.”

Odd animal behaviour: Animals have very sharp senses and it is widely reported that cats and dogs have far more advanced psychic abilities than humans. “When a dog or cat behaves in a strange way then this also might be a sign that spirit people are present,” she says. “Dogs may bark or stare intensely at something you can’t see, and cats may watch something from across the room.”

Listen to your children: Children, like animals, are a huge attraction to spirits, according to Desrochers. Children have a hyper-like-aura and they are more pure, open to learning and accepting new things, so this is why spirits like them. We are all born with the ability to see spirits, but our telepathic side tends to get-shut off permanently after puberty as many of us are taught in our early years that the paranormal world is purely one of hoax, but it’s not. “This is why I tell every parent to listen to what their child has to say when they encounter a spirit who becomes a friend,” she says “Ask your child questions and see where it leads. Ask your child: ‘What is your friend saying?’ and, ‘What is your friend’s name?’ Remember, when you help your child embrace the presence of spirit people then they will always have the ability to connect with this world for the rest of their lives.” She adds, “When young girls reach puberty they attract spirit people. Girls are so emotional in this phase of their lives and they can actually create their own poltergeists.”

Selfies and cold spots in the house: Most of us have a smartphone and Desrochers encourages homeowners to take lots of selfies and examine every image very closely. “Pay attention to what comes up in your pictures,” she says. “You may get a lot of nice ghost storms in your home or on your property. You may even see faces, too. However, I tell everyone that while orbs are very unique to look at in photos, they are not always indicative that spirit people are present. Orbs in images might be the result of things in the air like dust particles, moisture and pollen,” she says. As well, she indicates to never try and open up communication with the ‘other world.’ “Take lots of selfies, have fun, but don’t’ engage in dialogue with spirit people. Once you create communication it’s a hard door to close.” She adds that cold spots in the house are also something to be on the lookout for. “They are notorious with ghosts,” she says. “Cold spots happen because spirit people are actually trying to manifest energy in the room.”

Smells and shadows:The spirit people have smells of sorts. “If you are smelling flowers or perfume, then chances are you are in the presence of a good spirit. If you smell whisky then you know the spirit was heavy drinker, and if you smell Tabacoo then you also know the spirit was a heavy smoker. Typically spirit people project a smell associated with their favourite pastimes,” she says.Of course seeing something out of the corner of your eye, like some form of movement or even a shadow, is also another sign that spirit people are present in your home. “If this happens often then yes, chances are your home has spirits.”

Planning Ahead

So, what do you do when you know you have spirit people in your home? Firstly don’t panic; and secondly contact a professional ghost researcher that does not charge for their services.

“There are lots of paranormal investigators on their internet who want money, but avoid them at all costs,” she says. “The real spirit researchers are committed and passionate with what they do and never charge fees − period. The true ghost researchers are the only ones who will work to help clear spirit people from your home.”

Still however she points out that there is never a 100 percent guarantee that your home will be fully cleaned of spirits once a paranormal cleansing job is done.

This is why research is so important.

“The concept and method of research is to show support for a family in need and try to help them figure out what they are experiencing, if anything. A team of legitimate paranormal researchers will work with your family and move them to the next level, which could be a clearing, or the other alternative, ‘docile’ haunting, so long as you and your family are comfortable with it; I have known many who have coexisted quite nicely with her spirit family,” smiles Desrochers.

Desrochers offers some words of caution for those of us who soon might encounter the paranormal world at home. “Do not try and communicate with spirits − I can’t reiterate this enough. If you do, it may be the worst decision you will ever make, so careful what you wish for.”

Yes, the truth is out there.