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The Rich and Famous Are Making Their Homes Invisible

The celebrities and wealthy types are hiding their mansions on Google Maps

It’s no secret that the rich and famous don’t want everyone knowing where they live.

That’s right they enjoy their right privacy just like any of us do. And they simply don’t want the general public and the paparazzi hanging around out front or roaming around their properties.

In New York City, the rich and famous purchase their homes under an LLC, which means their addresses are never publicly listed online. In California and across the country the stars and wealthy crowds are now finding ways to stop Google Maps and other satellites from photographing their neighbourhoods.

According to Luxury Listings in the Big Apple, “some wealthy neighbourhoods even go so far as to install jamming signals that prevent GPS trackers from working.”

And some rich communities are blocking Google’s photography vehicles from entering.

The days of the rich and famous wanting people to know where they live has become a thing of the past.

During an interview with The Financial Times, David Forbes, head of private office at estate agent Savills who works with wealthy buyers, states, “There was a time when people really flaunted their wealth; now they don’t… People’s priorities over the years have shifted. Now right at the top of the list it’s security.”