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The Hosta is the Best Plant for Your Garden

Instead of replacing your plants every season, the Hosta is definitely the best plant with the lowest maintenance. Great as an all year round plant; the Hosta can be grown in the garden or be potted to decorate your yard, living for many years, continuing to grow bigger and better with time!

These plants are very low maintenance, needing little to no sun depending on the specific type you desire. The deeper blue and green Hosta’s are better for decorating shaded areas and the golden yellows and white Hosta’s desire a little more sun and have thicker and more textured leaves.

Hosta’s are able to be planted during both spring and summer and sometimes into the autumn seasons. As long as the ground can be worked with, the Hosta will be able to grow and flourish. Each year they will continue to grow, reaching anywhere from a few inches to multiple feet, reaching their full growth up to 10 years after planting.

Finally, the Hosta is easy to accent with many other plants but perform best with planted with other perennials in prepared beds.

So go out and plant your Hosta’s for a beautiful, low maintenance garden!