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The Garage: The New Place to Entertain in Luxury

Well, you have renovated every square inch of the house and you are looking for the next exciting project. Have you custom designed and renovated your garage and purchased your favourite sports car to go with it yet?

Look, we know that the garage may traditionally be a space for the boys and the lawn mower, but it may be time to build a garden shed, hire a gardener and maximize the potential of the garage! The reality is that the girls are absolutely welcomed and invited…and they would come if it was nice, wouldn’t you agree?!Imagine how awesome it would be if there was an 80” TV, a killer sound system, Internet and a stocked bar in the garage.

Hot wheels

No ultimate garage would be complete without a hot car to park it in. One to catch your eye—the brand new McLaren 570S!This would really set things off nicely.This car is absolutely sick; completely modern art in its design and insane performance in its price range.I don’t write about cars for a living, but this car has it all: aerodynamics and design, minimized weight, craftsmanship, day-to-day usability and it is the most attainable McLaren to date!And it is so fast!!!0-60 mph in 3.1 seconds and 0-100 mph in 6.3 seconds…woahhhhh!!!Worth checking out McLaren’s website www.mclaren.com

Gorgeous garage

There are plenty of other cool things you can do in the garage to get organized and to finish things off in extreme style these days, too.Many companies are offering gorgeous garage re-models including fixing all the cracks in the floor and applying epoxy or tile finishes.Putting in car lifts for multiple sports cars.Adding slat-wall to all surfaces, which allow countless accessories such as shelving for garden tools, bikes, snow tires, you name it and it is available.Further, industrial grade cabinetry, workbenches and the list goes on and on.One of the players I know of is Garage Living www.garageliving.com and their website is full of great ideas.A more economical contender is Proslat www.proslat.com

Oh, always fun to dream...I apologize if this article gave you some expensive ideas that you need to follow through on!!