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  • The Cold Water Cowboys

The Cold Water Cowboys Season 3 begins March 8

The Canadian Series promises to reel in action and excitement with the new season

Season 3 of Discovery’s hit Canadian TV Series, Cold Water Cowboys, is widely anticipated to be a big hit.

The new season premieres tonight, March 8, at 8:00 PM ET/5PM PT.

This season, all the cowboys are back and they are more determined than ever to get their fish.

The fishermen all face big challenges and risks aboard their boats off the frigid and rough coast of Newfoundland, isolated from a quick exit, in an environment where anything can happen.

As well, viewers will be given the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the crew, their relationships and their work.

Andre and Michelle Jesso (pictured above), who are on the West Coast of Newfoundland, and who are two popular celebrities on the show, indicate that fans will not be disappointed this season.

“Lots of action, you can expect lots of action on the cold waters,” says Andre during an interview with HOSS magazine.

“This year, there will be lots of excitement and everyone will get a first-hand experience of the dangers and excitement that come with fishing.”

“We are thrilled with the launch of season three, and we know viewers will enjoy watching the ups and downs of fishing on the rough seas,” adds Michelle. “It’s a dangerous job out there, but someone has to do it.”

The couple certainly enjoys starring in the show and they, of course, like having celebrity status on “The Rock.”

Outside of filming and fishing for a living, the husband-and-wife fishing duo is using their well-earned fame to do good for their fellow Newfoundlanders.

“Our popularity gives us the opportunity to help others,” says Andre.

“Because of the show, a lot of new doors are opening up for us which allows us to give back to the community,” says Michelle.

Just recently, Andre and Michelle helped put smiles on many sick kid’s faces with a teddy bear campaign they launched for the Janeway Children’s Hospital Foundation in St. John’s. The campaign was a resounding success.

Andrew and Michelle admit that being famous on the island is humbling.

“We love it when people come up to us and want to talk and have their picture taken with us,” says Andre.

“Everywhere we go, we get to meet new people who really enjoy the show and who are intrigued with our profession, which is a dangerous one to say the least,” adds Michelle.

This season there is a new Cowboy in town: Rick Crane, a first-time skipper with a new boat, a new crew and a lot to prove if he’s going to make it in the big leagues.

Rick is joined by returning captains and their crews: Richard Gillett; Conway Caines and his father, Rick; Morris Anstey, and Paul Tiller.

This season each captain pushes their crew to their limits, all in the name of bringing home the big money catch.