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  • The 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

The 2017 Consumer Electronics Show

If you are a homeowner and love new technology, then Las Vegas, Nevada, is the place you want to be in early January 2017.

From January 5-8, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Centre - an annual event that now attracts over 3,600 exhibitors and over 170,000 attendees.

So, what exactly is there to see this year’s at the big show? Well, lots of course.

What to see at Tech East: Augmented Reality, Cyber & Personal Security, Drones, eCommerce & Enterprise Solutions, Gaming and Virtual Reality, iProducts, and Self-Driving Technology, and Cars.

What to see at Tech West: 3D Printing, Accessibility, Baby Tech, Beauty Tech, Education & Technology, Eureka Park, Family & Technology, Fitness & Technology, Global Technology, Health & Wellness, Kids & Technology, Robotics, Sleep Tech, Smart Home, Sports & Tech, University Innovations, and Wearables.

What to see at Tech South: This is an area that is devoted to the entertainment industry and is also the main hub where keynote speakers will talk about cool tech topics, like cars, virtual reality, phones, wearables, gadgets, and desktops and laptops. As well, keynote speakers will also address new trends in technology and where tech is going in the future.

Keynote speakers include: Kevin Plank (Under Armour), Steve Mollenkopf (Qualcomm Incorporated), Barry Diller (Expedia), Michael E. Kassan (Media Link), Arnold W. Donald (Carnival Corp), Gary Shapiro (CTA), Richard Yu (Huawei), Carlos Ghosn (Nissan Motor Corp., Ltd.), and Jen-Hsun Huang (NVIDI).