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Sweets for Your Valentine

Treat your special someone with award-winning, artisanal chocolates

By now, you've likely heard of the health-boosting benefits of chocolate. Flavonoids and theobromine make cacao beans a serious superfood contender. But did you know that it’s also a bona fide mood enhancer for women, promoting an active libido and improving overall sexual function too, according to a study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. In the spirit of Valentine's Day, and as a delicious way to keep the gloom of Old Man Winter at bay, we offer you some award-winning chocolates, sure to make your sweetie swoon. Get set to enjoy the refined flavours and the mood-altering endorphins that intensify feelings of attraction. 

SOMA Chocolate Makers

SOMA Chocolate Makers took a silver at 2015 International Chocolate Awards for their exotic Thai Stick. Think: white chocolate, coconut milk, ginger and the zest of lemongrass, chili and lime, wrapped in milk chocolate.

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Nadege Patisserie

Chocolate Nadege Nourian creates sublime artisanal chocolates using cacao from around the world and pairing it with sophisticated flavours and fillings like creamy ganaches and crunchy pralines. An outstanding 26 options to discover.

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Hummingbird Chocolate Maker

Your honey might enjoy Hummingbird Chocolate Maker's dark chocolate Honey Lavender bar made with Zorzal cacao beans from a bird sanctuary in the Dominican Republic paired with Canadian honey and lavender. Uniquely delicious.

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ChocoSol Traders

This vegan, eco-friendly, Mexican-sourced chocolate is made the ancient Aztec way. No cream pr dairy here, but rather a shade grown, organic chocolate that's a bit grainy and big on flavour. Sinfully Raw Vanilla and Luscious Coconut should be on any gift giver's radar.

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Forte Artisan Chocolates

This Seattle-based artisan chocolate shop took an international bronze medal for its Cherry Almond Truffles. Tart cherry preserves top a smooth butter, roasted almond ganache that gets enrobed in 64 per cent Madagascar dark chocolate. Luxury in every bite.

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Two Sisters 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon Icewine

Pairs nicely with the rich texture of chocolate. The ice wine has a great acidity which leaves the palete refreshed. The flavours and aroma of the Cabernet Sauvignon are especially lovely when there is a berry component to the chocolates.