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Spring into Spring With These Pet Products

Research has shown that dogs are beneficial to senior citizens as they help fight depression, lower blood pressure and stress and aid in physical fitness and socialization.

No Doubt the Coolest Pet Fashion Ever

She may be “just a girl” but Gwen Stefani has launched a line of pet gear that shows just how special our pets are to us. The Voice judge and rock star has created a design-driven assortment of dog products including toys, fashion accessories and apparel. The line, which ranges in price from $5 to $20, mirrors the style icon's sense of fashion and includes a cozy Union Jack sweater, fashionable black and white Checkers sock and even a snazzy fedora hat. 


Classy Cats

Cats and humans have one trait in common—they are particular about what they like. Chances are they'll both love Meyou by designers Aude and Guillaume, a collection of “classy furniture for discerning cats.” The feline furniture aims to combine comfort for cats with passion for design. Meyou comes in three different shapes. Each little home is made of high-quality organic materials, including wood, woven cotton or felt. The design duo created this as a kickstarter project, which is currently in the prototype phase, available for pre-order. 


Doghouse Digs

Just as their wolf ancestors, dogs love to curl up in a quiet den for some needed downtime. And for those pet owners who hate disrupting the design flow of their living rooms with an ugly wire or plastic crate, Pup and Kit have the ultimate solution—the Modern Pet Cave. This solid-wood pet cave serves as part puppy den, part side table and is available in four wood finishes and 15 fabric choices. 


Bluetooth Bowtie

Just as humans have our Fitbits, Fuel bands and other fitness-tracking devices, you can now measure Fido's activity with his WonderWoof Bowtie. This stylish Bluetooth device attaches to your dog's collar and tracks movement to ensure your pooch is getting enough exercise. Real-time updates via the free app tell you if your dog is running, sleeping, playing or walking—and you can even plan doggy playdates and connect with other dog lovers in the area with its map-enabled social feature.