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10 Spring Cleaning Tasks to Check of Your List

So it’s time to clean out everything you’ve been hoarding and neglecting around your house for the entire winter. We’re all guilty of it! Spring-cleaning can seem like a big and tedious job, but if you have a friend or some family members help you, you can get it done before you know it! Here are 10 things you can complete this weekend to make your house fresh and beautiful again!

Wash your windows inside and out

Dirt and fingerprints love clinging to windows and glass doors. Make sure your glass doesn’t have a film over it that causes your glass to look dirty. 

Clean out your gutters and chimney 

Winter can cause build up in your gutters and your chimney! Clear them out to prevent any long-term damage. If your gutters or chimney are too difficult to access, hire a professional. 

Safety is key! 

Clean outdoor furniture Clean your outdoor furniture in anticipation for some summer patio fun! Warm weather is on its way, so be prepared for future barbeques and relaxing in the sun! 

De-clutter your garage 

Wintertime often leads to hoarding unnecessary items. Clean your garage out every spring in order to avoid a huge job years down the road. 

Clean your refrigerator

You should continuously be cleaning out your refrigerator, getting rid of any old food and odours you may have missed. During the springtime, take everything out and do a deep cleaning to keep your items nice and fresh! 

Store winter clothing 

Springtime is a sign for warmer weather approaching, which means you no longer need that thick turtleneck that kept you warm during the long winter months. Store away any unnecessary items of clothing to keep your closet from cluttering, creating easy access to the clothes you will actually wear. 

Clean ceiling fans 

With colder months, your ceiling fan may have been neglected and collecting a lot of dust and grime. Give your fan a nice cleaning in anticipation for the warmer days ahead. 

Clear out air vents 

Your vents are most likely collecting dust too and with warmer weather they will be circulating lots of air to keep your home cool. Clear out your vents to avoid dust circulating throughout your home and to avoid yucky allergies! 

Touch up paint 

Over the year your paint has likely endured some chips and or smudges throughout your house. Touch them up with some extra paint you have left over from your original paint job. This will ensure your house continues to look clean and pristine. 


This means organize EVERYTHING you created a mess of! Typical problem areas include your kitchen, your bedroom and your bathroom.