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Create a Perfect Holiday Table with Janette Ewen

Where do you start when you’re planning the look of your table for the holiday season? I always start with a theme. Pick a fun one! Your theme will shape the decor, cocktail menu, food, invites and, of course, the table setting

Last year, for example, I held a vintage 1930s Christmas party. So elegant! For 2015, the top holiday table setting themes all have a classic or nostalgic twist. Think 1950s Hollywood, Charles Dickens or even turn-of-the-century-cabin-rustic. Whatever you choose, have fun and don’t be afraid to go big! Here are my top five tips for having a chic holiday table.

Mirror, mirror

When it comes to holiday tables, make the decor work with your theme and don’t be afraid to go a little over the top. For the Hollywood glam theme (as seen in the images), I suggest using lots of mirrors and reflective surfaces. Mercury glass ornaments (glass trees and vases) work really well! If you can’t find any in stores, consider putting a bit of gold leaf on your silver vases and ornaments. I also love using carnation balls for an unexpected twist on holiday florals. Top with a glitter butterfly or bird (from the craft store) for extra sparkle.

Get creative with your materials

Use vintage-inspired wallpaper or wrapping paper as a table runner. Place glass ornaments and an ornate candelabra on the table. For additional sparkle, layer mirror tiles on top of the paper. When the candles are lit, there will be twice the glow. If you are going for more of a rustic look, try using burlap as a table runner and topping it with birch-wrapped candles.

Keep it low

There are lots of ways to have fun with your tabletop decor, but please remember to keep your centrepiece low. You don’t want your guests dodging their heads around a large item to have a conversation.


Place cards are always a nice added touch, consider making your own. Write your guests’ names on a festive tag and tie it to an ornament. Place one at each setting: your guests will know where to sit and they can take the ornament home with them as a gift.

More is more

Remember more is more when it comes to decor. Turn to classic styles for inspiration! Try sugared fruit, dried oranges, magnolia leaves, silver bells, silk tassels and pomegranates; they a ll have a luxe and ultra-glamorous appeal