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Simple serenity: create your own backyard paradise

During the summer months, my backyard is the place where I like to hang out. I love to BBQ and entertain with friends, but I also like to unwind after a long day, relaxing with a drink, reading a book or just taking in the natural beauty. My backyard oasis is quiet, peaceful and removed from the craziness of my busy day and hectic life, so I can really relax. Here are my simple tips for creating your perfect backyard oasis:

Be Alone

Find a spot that is a good distance from the house, like the back corner of your yard.

Be Cool

Make sure this place provides you with shade, so you can sit out there on even the hottest days. A spot under a large maple tree is ideal and if you don’t have a large tree, then consider installing a gazebo. There are so many gazebo options at your local home improvement store that are affordable and super simple to put up.

Make It Level

Lay down a levelled foundation to avoid trampling on your grass. I personally love these stones made of recycled rubber tires – they are easy to install, come in different colours and patterns and are comfortable to walk on.

Get Comfortable

Anchor the space with two comfortable chairs and a small table. Whether you are a fan of Muskoka chairs (which can be painted in very fun colours) or a wicker conversation set, find furniture that is comfy and durable. Introduce a small table, so you can have a place for that well deserved drink.


Add a punch of colour with stylish outdoor cushions and accessories. Decorative cushions are great for adding pattern, colour and comfort and, best of all, because they are water repellent you can leave them out during a rain storm. I strongly recommend switching these out every season, so you can pop your patio furniture with the latest trend in pattern and colour. Consider hanging a decorative birdhouse from an overhead branch.If you are fine with birds visiting once in a while, then add the seed. If not, leave it empty and just enjoy it as a good-looking garden accessory.

Install a Water Feature

This is a must have for any backyard oasis. The sound of running water is so calming and drowns out the noise you might get from loud neighbours or planes flying high above. There are many options for water features these days – look for one that suits your budget and is easy to install.

Light It Up

Add solar lighting to the landscape, so you can continue to enjoy your sanctuary, even as the sun goes down.