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The Seura Storm outdoor TV is ready for all weather

Imagine sitting on your patio, on your deck, beside your pool, at your cabana or in your hot tub and being mesmerized watching your favourite TV show, a movie, golf, tennis, hockey or special event while sipping on your drink of choice. I gotta say; this is good living!!

Seura is a widely known manufacturer of amazing video products, which include a collection of the most attractive, high performance outdoor televisions ranging in size from 42”- 84” on the diagonal. Recently awarded CEDIA’s Future Home Experience 2015 Best New Product, this brand new model from Seura is the Storm Ultra Bright 84”, which is shipping in June. This outdoor monster is happy in full direct sunlight, rain, snow, you name it. It can be hosed off and towel dried and is OK with temperatures ranging from -34C (-30F) to 60C (140F). I would say that they have the temperature range of North America well considered.

The Storm 84” and the 65” is a full 4K UHD resolution and includes what they call LuminOptics technology, which combines a couple of different anti-reflective coatings to achieve great views from all angles with super high brightness. The 84” is only 3.7” deep and has an aluminum mitered frame and tapered profile for a clean and elegant look. It is designed with a weatherproof triple-lock seal, which protects against dust, moisture, ice and insects and comes with a waterproof remote control.

So, if you are starting to design your backyard oasis, don’t forget to consider the audio and especially the outdoor TV. And keep in mind, indoor TVs are dangerous for risk of shock and don’t perform well outside, so you will want to figure out the right outdoor set for your needs. Summer comes and goes quickly, so act now and be entertained this patio season!!