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Re-Funk your Trunk

​“Pay it Forward” Definition: performing good deeds with no expectation of return. Instead the recipient should be instructed to pay it forward to someone else in need.The idea is to encourage acts of kindness. The ultimate goal is to make your community a kinder and friendlier place.

The Furniture Bank is a wonderful organization that collects gently used furniture. Through various organizations, Furniture Bank gives away donated furniture to individuals finding themselves in desperate situations. Each recipient is taken through the warehouse choosing pieces of furniture to help furnish their new home. My heart goes out to these individuals especially those with young children. I decided to reach out to see how I could help. Upon visiting the facility I discovered some furniture pieces that where in need of some TLC.

Our family business, Protek Paint, has manufactured coatings for over 66 years. Five years ago we came up with a furniture paint called Cottage Paint. My idea was to use this product to Re-new and Re-vive old furniture so it could be Re-loved once again. I donated my time, product and creativity, while others kindly volunteered their time.

It was a wonderful idea that would allow me to use a product I love, painting furniture, while at the same time helping others. I approached the amazing staff at the Furniture Bank with my idea. They were excited to see what I could do with this undesirable furniture and were grateful for the help.

Sifting through the warehouse I came upon some old trunks tucked away on a shelf. As soon as I saw them, I came up with … “Re-Funk your Trunk”. The wheels started turning the possibilities were endless and I could not wait to start this project. The trunks were loaded and brought back to my studio.

First, I decided to recruit a few helpers that generously volunteered their time.

After cleaning and preparing the surfaces, a design concept was developed for each trunk. Using the wide range of Cottage Paint products, we quickly transformed these once undesirable pieces of furniture into something fun and interesting. They would be a great find for a Furniture Bank Recipient. Hours of fun painting and creating was had by all. Once completed we returned the trunks to the warehouse.

Upon arrival the trunks were recruited to be auctioned off at a yearly event called the Chair Affair. This event raises funds so the Furniture Bank is able to service more clients. Either way it was very rewarding to play a part in “Pay it Forward”. It all started with a group of people wanting to find ways to help others. I love a story with a good ending.

Unfortunately, I was unable to explain “Pay it Forward” to the highest bidder, so instead, I ask of you to “Pay it Forward” and think of something you can do for someone else in your community. Making the world a better place, one good deed at a time.