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  • Prince’s former Bridle Path mansion in Toronto is up for sale

Prince’s former mansion in Toronto is up for sale

If you have $13 million and a red Corvette, then everything just might feel like 1999

If you are the ultimate Prince fan and have a big bank account, then you might want to consider purchasing the property in Toronto, ON, that he once owned.

His former home, which is located in the Bridal Path - a high-end upscale neighbourhood decorated with multimillion-dollar mansions - is now on the market for $13 million.

The well-known pop star, songwriter and entertainer suddenly passed away at his home in Minneapolis, Minn. yesterday morning (April 21, 2016). He was 57. The cause of his death is still not known.

Prince was a big fan of Toronto and was also a long-time resident of the city.

The mansion he once owned, and where he recorded most of his Musicology album (released in 2004), has many bragging rights: it’s upscale and unique in every sense.

The world class luxury residence has over 14,000 square feet of living space, a one-of-a-kind-floor plan and the right ambience for entertaining guests.

The two-acre gated estate also has a tennis court and an award winning pool. 

Photo credit: http://mls-spotlight.agentshowing.com/qj2v98/gallery