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Plant Smarter With New Gardening Gizmos

Everyone loves a happy, healthy garden. If you are looking for ways to plant smarter, and encourage better results, there’s no shortage of great tech tools to help you monitor and care for your plants.

The Flymo Robotic Lawn mower 1200R

Spend more time relaxing this summer and let this gizmo cut your grass! It mows your lawn effectively without wheel ruts, and its cutting heights of 2 cm to 5 cm can be set via its rotary knob. It weighs eight kilograms and inclines up to 25 per cent. Programming your new lawn mower is done with the click of a button, and it is also equipped with an easy-to-place boundary wire that shows it exactly where to mow. The technology also comes with a charging station, power station, pegs, couplers and connectors. $1295, flymo.com

Parrot Flower Power Plant Monitor

This monitor, shaped like a branch, is equipped with a wireless sensor that evaluates your plant’s needs and sends instant notifications to your smartphone or tablet. The device puts you in control of your plants as it monitors and analyzes the four key parameters that are essential to your plant’s overall health: sunlight, temperature, fertilizer and moisture. The monitor is also water-resistant for indoor and outdoor use and its battery lasts for six months. $60, globalparrot.com

Brinno Garden Watch Cam

If you are looking for a handy time-lapse camera to keep an eye on your garden, this gizmo is a ‘must have.’ It has been designed specifically to take photos at programmed, pre-determined intervals and record them on a USB flash drive. Choose to click every: one minute, five minutes, 30 minutes, one hour, four hours, or 24 hours. This small, green camera will fit in well with your garden and is very easy to operate. $315, brinno.com

Miracle-Grow AeroGarden ULTRA

Perfect for indoor plant enthusiasts, this soil-free gardening unit grows plants five times faster than soil and offers a variety of seed kits so that you can grow fresh herbs, salad greens, flowers and vegetables right in your own home. It even has an LCD display and the on-screen prompts will guide you with your indoor gardening, from start to finish. The system also has an app, so you can monitor and watch your plants grow from home, the backyard or across town. $383, aerogarden.com

Excelvan Wireless Weather Station

This new device acts as your very own weather station, giving you constant info on indoor and outdoor temperature, rainfall, humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed and UV index. The weather station consists of a remote sensor and an indoor display monitor that’s easy to operate. The wireless sensor transmits precise weather readings from a distance of up to 328 feet, and will help you plan out your gardening needs on a daily basis. $115, excelvan.com