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  • Organizing Entryway Clutter

Organizing Entryway Clutter

Here are some tips and ideas to help keep your entryway clean and organized.

For better or worse, your entryway is the very first space you (and your guests) will see upon entering your home sweet home. And often times, it’s the most cluttered. No wonder! It’s the space where you kick your shoes off, set your bags down and toss your keys, hat, and gloves on a daily basis. Here are some tips and ideas to help keep this space clean and organized.

Analyze your entryway needs

Pick a time when you’re not busy and clear everything out of your entryway. Before you put things back, try to really think about how you use the space on a day-to-day basis. Do you live in a cold and wet climate? If so, you might need to spend some money to create a space where you can sit to put on boots and outdoor gear. Are shoes allowed in the house? If not, you’ll need a place to store outdoor shoes and indoor slippers. Do you need hooks to hang your bags or keys? Is there a place to stash your cloth shopping bags? Do the kids need a spot for their backpacks? Ask yourself: how does this space need to function for your household? Everyone is different.

Create a home command centre

Bust clutter with a home command centre. Assign each family member a bin or basket to keep things like their hats, gloves and inside slippers. Slide the bins under an amazing bench – a Parson’s bench is perfect - and you’re set. Top it with a cozy cushion and your hallway has a pretty and functional new piece of furniture. For paper clutter, try using a cute box or file holder with two folders per family member – one for incoming items, one for outgoing items. Things like mail, homework to be done and bills to pay will be placed in these folders for the appropriate family member.

Ask yourself: ‘How does this space need to function for your household?’ Everyone is different.

Work with what you have

I love to use what my clients already have (a great bench, say) and then refresh the look and style of the entryway with a killer accessory, like the Eames Hang-it-all hat and coat rack. This mid-century modern classic steps up the style and functions amazingly well. Don’t be afraid to repurpose and refurbish things, too. Most of us have items around the house that are under-utilized or could function better as something else. A pretty, but underused decorative bowl makes a nice home for your keys. Give a coat rack a new lease on life with a coat of colour or metallic paint.

Create a built-in

Possibly the best, but typically most expensive route, is to design and build a space custom to your needs. When I design these spaces, I always include a home command centre, a basket or cubby for each family member, some hanging space and a place to sit. If it’s in a cold weather climate, I add extra storage overhead to maximize the space and functionality of the custom built-in.

Misha Bloom LindseyMisha is an accomplished interior and landscape designer serving clients throughout California and beyond. Read more