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Oprah Winfrey Buys $14 Million Home in Colorado

TV mogul Oprah Winfrey has just bought a glamorous smart-tech ski home in Telluride, Colorado, which she is set to move into next month.

The 61 year-old dropped $14 million on the home and will live there temporarily while she awaits the completion of her $11 million mansion close by.

Winfrey purchased the home from Robert Wall, former CEO for a number of huge tech companies such as Theatrix Interactive and Clarity Wireless. Wall sold the home to Winfrey fully furnished, complete with a collection of African art.

The contemporary home offers plenty of breathtaking views and is located on 3.25 acres on Mountain Village.

The showstopper of a home boasts five bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms and an astounding 8,700 square feet of living space.

Her new digs also has all sorts of standout features, including a 56-foot-long, 1,600-bottle wine cellar. The cellar looks like an old mining tunnel from years gone by and even includes an antique ore cart.

A glass fibre-optic bridge that is suspended in the great room connects the master bedroom to an immaculate office.

Then there is the observation deck with a granite fire pit that is nearly 40 feet above ground. The deck is accessible via a walkway and costs a whopping $140,000 to construct.

The home also includes a funicular that will take Winfrey and her guests to the nearby ski slopes. It looks just like a mining tram from yesteryear and the cost to install it was $240,000. The ride up the hill only takes a few minutes, if that.

The home also features a theatre, a tower room, a large sized gym, a massive hot tub for 10 people, a Finnish-made sauna, two large-sized wood-burning fireplaces and a $70,000 limestone bathtub with its own high-tech water temperature system. There is also a three-car garage and a guesthouse.

The home is high-tech in every sense and no detail in the home automation and home integration fronts has been overlooked. All Winfrey has to do is turn on her smartphone and she can do anything she wants: turn on the music and TV, program the lights, check her home security system footage and answer the door.

The driveway of the home is never covered in snow thanks to a cutting-edge radiant heat system. And the driveway is loaded with sensory technology that will alert Winfrey when someone pulls up.

This home is added to the list of properties Winfrey also calls home in Chicago, Hawaii, Tennessee and California. 

Image credit Zillow.com