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Most Wanted

Here are some innovative, one-of-a-kind products you will want to get your hands on.

Heavy Metal Thunder

If the iconic design of a classic Lamborghini gets your engine revving, you won’t want to miss the IxoostEsavox Lamborghini Speaker System. Crafted with an integrated carbon chassis, two hand-made wooden side cabinets, and an original exhaust, it outputs sound as loud and detailed as one of the Italian sports cars. Turn it on with a simple button push and plug in with RCA inputs or Bluetooth. ixoost.it

Tech Mate

Designed to inspire and connect with you and your tech devices, Mayfield Robotics Kuri robot responds to its user with facial expressions, head movements and sounds. The voice-controlled robot can understand its surroundings and recognize people as it cruises through the home, learning, interacting and monitoring your tech devices. US$699 (pre-order) - heykuri.com

Power And Performance

Combining the sleek good looks of a motorcycle and the urban practicality of an electric bike, the Aero E-Racer Electric Motorcycle offers the best of both worlds. Powered by an electric Tacita motor, the bike has a range of 40 miles, a tubular chrome steel frame finished with carbon/Kevlar and features a front-mounted GoPro camera, an iPhone-based dashboard and a fine leather seat. aeromotorcycles.it

Luxe Lounger

The El Purista Smoker’s Armchair evokes iconic mid-century design while employing practical hidden storage, allowing you to relax and enjoy your favourite cigar in style. Hand-made in Germany from sustainably harvested beech and walnut veneers, the chair is finished with barrel-dyed leather with natural accents. elpurista.de

-by HOSS Magazine News Team