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Make mom feel ‘momtastic’ on Mother’s Day

So, what are some great things to do at home to make mom feel extra special?

Breakfast in bed: This is a great way to spoil Mom. Go ahead, make some heart-shaped pancakes or waffles and decorate the plate with some fruit. She will love getting spoiled first thing in the morning.

Spend the day together: Make your mom feel like a queen for the day. Have the whole family over at the house and plan for a special lunch or dinner, and if the weather is nice then enjoy a meal with Mom outdoors with a nice barbecue.

Keep it simple: Your mother will appreciate anything you do for her on this special day. Why not do some chores for her around the house, like gardening, or taking care of some spring cleaning and organizing around the house?

Buy her a card and a small gift: Of course, giving your mom a card and even a gift will warm her heart. There are all sorts of cards now on sale, but hurry the good ones sell out quickly as Mother’s Day is a popular occasion. Also, when it comes to gifts, flowers are a wonderful idea, and so are small gifts, like a framed picture of your mom with the family, or some artwork (pictures, paining or pottery) that will add to her home décor.

Whatever you do, remember your mom will love it and love you for it.