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Make Holiday Drinks More Special

There is something special about a festive drink. It doesn’t matter whether your go-to bliss beverage is a hot chocolate with a marshmallow-and-pretzel snowman or a pomegranate martini with a green-and-white sugar rim. It’s the happy that the experience makes you feels that truly matters.

While I’m not a mixologist and won’t attempt to share recipes for delicious drinks, I can help you make your favorite drinks a little more festive.

So how do you design the perfect drink for your next holiday ho-ho-ho-down?

Liquid color. Yes, color is everything in design. Especially when it comes to digging in to give your friends and family a little taste of happy holidays, color can be a huge influencer. So, if your crew has a favorite drink, consider adding food dye to transform it into a red or green classic cocktail.

Drink décor. Décor doesn’t just stop at shelves and tables. Swizzle sticks, little snowman marshmallow, gingerbread divers, mug sweaters, and fun coasters add the holiday spirit without adding any actual alcoholic spirits.

Naming rights. It doesn’t matter if you made the expected Eggnog or the Hot Buttered Rum that everyone has arrived to throw back by your roaring fire. Little place cards next to the drink recipes on your bar cart can add some fun and a conversation starter for those singles you’ve invited with the holiday match-up goal in mind. Few ideas to get your ho-ho-holiday brainstorming: Rudolph’s Rum, Egg-cellent noggin, The Gingerboy, or What She’s Having.