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Lifestyle Technology Expert Launches New YouTube TV Series

​If you are a homeowner, then having an amazing showstopper home theatre room is probably on your bucket list of wants.

And the good news is that we can all now stop dreaming of having one.

You see, Clinton Howell, who is HOSS Magazine’s Online Home Lifestyle Technology Expert, has launched a very unique TV show that will give viewers the inside scoop on having a that home theatre room they have longed for without breaking the bank. Yes, everyone homeowner has different budgets and Howell will show you how to get the job done while constructing a home theatre room that will impress your family, friends and neighbours too.

On Tuesday, September 20, 2016, Clinton Howell’s Dream Home Theatre on a Budget will premiere and it is expected to be a huge hit among homeowners across Canada and the USA. The new YouTube TV series is a first-of-its-kind to air and it will certainly be widely followed among homeowners.

The new TV show will air on HOSS Magazine’s website and on Design Electronics and H2 Systems Inc. website, as well as on YouTube. There will be a total of six episodes airing this fall and even more episodes will be launched throughout 2016 and 2017.

“I am thrilled to launch my new YouTube TV series and I know homeowners will love it,” says Howell. “So many homeowners out there have longed for a dream home theatre room and I am the one who will guide them through the process and make their dreams come true.”

Howell is the founder and owner of H2 Systems Inc. and is the Director of Custom Residential Sales and Marketing for Design Electronics, a company that is widely known as one of Ontario’s premier integration firms. Howell has over 20 years of award-winning custom home theatre and home integration business, working with more than 3,000 homeowners to date. Howell and his past companies have won 17 CEDIA Electronic Lifestyle Awards for home theatre and home integration installations.

Howell’s new TV show will prove informative and entertaining on many levels. The mix of educational tips, splashed with Howell’s wit and sassy humour, will definitely captivate viewers.

“While there are all sorts of DYI TV shows on home renos, no one yet is doing a TV show on how to have a dream home theatre on a budget,” explains Howell. “In my new TV show I have the pleasure to roll of up my sleeves and get to work with guest celebrities and most of all I get to have fun while doing it. Viewers will enjoy my tips and tricks on having a home threatre room they have longed for and I know viewers will enjoy the fact that I really don’t take everything all that seriously. I love hard work, but I love having fun while doing it.”

James Spalding, a popular journalist and videographer, is the producer of Howell’s TV show. Sponsors of the show include HOSS Magazine, Design Electronics, Epson, RidgeLine Renovations, Definitive Technology, Alexanian Carpet & Flooring, CirrusScreens, Red Theory and Control 4.

While Howell has been authoring many informed pieces on home theatre design, integration and new technology for HOSS Magazine online, he is also widely utilized as an expert by scores of media outlets locally, nationally and internationally. They include: The Toronto Sun, The Toronto Tribune, The London Free Press, Post-Media Network, CHCH News, Halton Insider TV News – Cogeco TV, The Burlington Post, The Edmonton Sun, Chill Magazine, The Digital Journal, The Examiner and CNN International Report.

Howell has also done work for Scott McGillivray, star of the HGTV show Income

Property and he has made a number of appearances on Leave It To Bryan, hosted by HGTV’s Bryan Baeumler, as well as Custom Built, hosted by Paul LaFrance.

Howell is also well-known real estate agent with RE/Max Escarpment Realty Inc.