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Landscape Expert Carson Arthur Dislikes Grassy Lawns

I was recently asked at a speaking event why I’ve been so vocal about not liking grass in the yard.

The reason I’m not a fan of grass is not the plant, but rather the homeowners that care for it. Grass requires more time, money and resources than anything else we can have in our outdoor spaces. Especially when it comes to water. According to The Conference Board of Canada (Jan, 2013), Canadians are at the bottom of a global ranking for water usage per person, just above the U.S. On a daily basis, Canadians use up to 327 litres of water per person and our water use increases by almost 40 per cent in the spring due to the watering of lawns and gardens. Most Canadians live in areas that get regular rainfall and drought really doesn’t happen that often so it’s hard for the average person to buy into the idea that there is a shortage. We have lots, and it’s cheap so we use it without any real concern. We see a brown lawn or a dried out plant and the first thing any homeowner does is grab the sprinkler. But, I think water usage is a real concern—and it’s one that can be reduced without wasting water for greener pastures