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Krika keeps your home tech systems running 24/7

In this day and age of network-connected home technology, we rely on things that we don’t fully understand to keep working 24 hours per day.

When things are working well, no question, it is awesome. It is also super cool that we can communicate digitally from our smartphone with just about everything but the kitchen sink…coming soon I assume. (Wouldn’t it be nice to have notification if someone left the water running and it is about to overflow?) But what happens when something stops working reliably? We get frustrated even though the reality is: even the finest installed systems crash and need updating from time to time.

This is an issue for all of us, especially because our homes are automated and we are relying on a central processor to be running to control our lights, heating and cooling and other critical devices.

What can you do? 

Meet Krika, your professional new best friend. This smart cloud supervision for connected devices, reads the home screen of Krika’s website, www.get-krika.com. This nifty and powerful little gadget gets plugged into your home network and is designed to converse with every connected device in your home. Once connected to your network, within five to 10 minutes, it shakes hands and becomes friends with all of the technology in your home. After it is configured, it will keep an eye on every device every five minutes and it will notify you if something is not right. It is like when you are driving late at night, you’re tired and you have a friend keeping a close eye on you to ensure you stay alert!

How it works 

Krika “pings” or “acquires” (asks a question that must be answered) to all of your “critical devices” (devices or appliances that need to be connected to the Internet 24 hours per day) to confirm that everything is running well. Krika will send an email notifying if something is dosing off or dropping off of the network. This can provide really useful insights to maintain the reliability of your home. It will give you a heads up when your home tech needs updates, servicing or replacement. Krika may not solve everything, but it is a huge step in the right direction.