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Illuma-Drive Sheds Light on LED Lighting

In celebration of Nikola Tesla’s 160th birthday, I am writing about an innovative new product line that is on trend with where the future of lighting is heading.

Nikola Tesla was the inventor of AC, radio, neon lights and many effective healing therapies.His technologies are used in the induction engine used by Tesla automobiles and up-and-coming sustainable home battery back-up systems.

A huge trend nowadays is toward LED lighting fixtures.There are many amazing advantages and a large number of significant disadvantages most of the time.Let’s explore some of the ups and downs of LED lighting being done in the conventional way.

We all know the most obvious and noteworthy long-term advantage is up to 90 per cent energy savings, which is fantastic for reducing your carbon footprint and for putting a chunk of money back into your pocket every year.Another great advantage is the exciting array of fixtures that are available and at reasonable price points.Some of the common disadvantages include major lighting, colour inconsistencies, making your house feel like a scene out of a sci-fi movie…AC transformers and conversion drivers being needed for each and every fixture which can fail a lot earlier than the advertised life of the fixtures…dimming issues and especially flickering problems.

Modulation of LED lighting: the problem with the invisible flicker.

LED light is now used in medical devices to treat a wide variety of conditions such as pain and wound healing. It’s mainly red or infrared LED light and scientists have discovered that if you pulse the LED light, it becomes highly biologically active. Different pulse rates affect the body in different ways.It’s the duration of the therapy that determines if the pulsing is dangerous or healthy. Most therapy sessions last for 10 minutes and after that the body becomes too energized.

Now, the problem we face with our current home LED lighting is that the lights are pulse modulating or flickering all of the time. It’s invisible to the eye but the cells of your body and subconscious mind do experience a biological effect from the pulsing.

This flickering all started with Edison’s electric light, which operated on DC direct current. There was no flickering of the light. When Tesla introduced AC Alternating Current electricity to transmit power long distances, Edison’s light bulbs began to flicker and were very annoying. This literally started the war of currents. The simple solution was to determine a frequency for AC electricity so that you could not perceive the modulation of the light.The reason our electrical system is 60 Hz is because we can’t consciously see the flicker of the light going on and off 120 times per second. One Hz is 2 pulses of light.

The Edison incandescent light was not a major concern because the heated filament never went completely dark, however LED light is very different and has a very sharp on and off square pulse. Just being in a room with conventional LED lighting is like having a continuous pulsed LED light therapy session and medical LED light manufactures are warning of potential problems.

If the light driver is supplying DC voltage to the LED, there is no flicker and you are now simulating light from the sun or a candle flame that is always on. Another less commonly considered disadvantage is the electro-magnetic frequency radiation from transformers (EMF) that many of the LED fixtures have and the traditional electric fields from AC wiring, which can contribute to health issues over time.

Well, there is a better way! Illuma-Drive has developed a centralized LED 4 zone LED lighting fixture driver, which they claim will control virtually any LED fixture perfectly, with amazing abilities like flicker-free dimming, deeper dimming, light colour control and smart automation apps with full iOS control.Also their system is designed to have sustainable battery back-up integration options so that in the case of power failure, you still have light for days.So, what does this mean to you?For starters, none of the LED fixtures in your house will need to have 120 volt transformers any more AND you can use Class 2 wire (low voltage DC instead of AC) in your house that is completely safe, easier to install and much healthier than high voltage wiring.No more EMF from your lighting wiring or flickering from light fixtures!!

This may not be for everybody, YET, and this sort of technology would need to be planned for in the early stages of construction, but in the words of Nikola Tesla, “the present is theirs, the future, for which I really worked is mine.”I believe that this is the way of the future and so do the fine folks at Illuma-Drive. There is a lot more great information about this technology and more online at www.illumadrive.com

Happy Birthday Nikola!!