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IKEA Celebrates 40 Years In Canada

HOSS Magazine had the unique opportunity to attend the exclusive preview of the IKEA Then & Now Exhibit at the Design-Exchange Building on Bay Street in Downtown, Toronto.

The special event was an opportunity for the media and industry experts to explore how IKEA has shaped life at home in Canada over the last four decades.

The occasion brought the past and present, and future, together all in one. There were endless displays of old magazine covers and furniture and accessories, as well as scores of photographs and cool memorabilia.

HOSS Magazine also had the chance to meet two esteemed lead art designers with IKEA who were flown in from Sweden for the big event: Marcus Engman and Henrik Preutz.

Engman and Preutz revealed to us why IKEA is so unique.

Engman points out that there are 5 pillars that make up IKEA’s vision of ‘Democratic Design.’ They include: Sustainability (responsibility for the people and the planet); Quality (product longevity); Physicality (strength, form); Functionality (does the product work as it should/make life easier?); and, Affordability (is the price right for the majority).

“We are a vision driven company and we know how to relate and connect with people − our customers,” says Engman. “We are all about unique design, meeting people’s everyday needs and offering solutions to problems.”

Preutz states, “We like to create products that you can use in everyday life around the house and we know how to make our products simple and beautiful at the same time. We always strive to make our products better and we have fun doing it.”