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How to use glitter like a grown-up

Sparkly and shiny, the shimmer of glitter can inspire your home décor.

Whenever I’m using an inspiration, I try to not translate it literally into a home interior. Unless the design is for a child or a brand that has a childlike bold image, a literal translation of using monkeys or carrots or even glitter can lead you into feeling more Halloween theme party than the grown-up sophisticated style that you are probably aiming to achieve.

But anything, even glitter, can be used to inspire a home interior space.

When using an inspiration, deconstruct the inspiration and look at its essential elements. Those elements will help you create the feeling of the inspiration without a literal childlike translation.

So let’s talk glitter like a grown-up.

How do you deconstruct glitter into a sophisticated home design language? Here’s how.

Glitter is shiny. Yes, I know. This statement is extremely obvious, but it’s still an essential. Metallics, glass, and mirrors all can help achieve the ‘shiny’ affect of glitter. The best part of thinking about ‘shine’ instead of the word ‘glitter’ is that it’s way easier to find metallic options in upscale shapes and designs.

Glitter is small. Another obvious descriptor of glitter is that it is small. So when choosing décor items in a space that is inspired by glitter, go for small objects. This doesn’t mean you can’t have a sizable chair or TV in a space, it just means that there should be punctuations of smaller scale items on a table, shelf, wall art. Keep arms of chairs open, and un-upholstered. Use tables with thin legs. The separation of objects, creating space between décor items, using closer-to-white colors also helps. So less is more.

Glitter is repetitious. Have you ever seen just one glitter? Even if glitter gets stuck to your face while crafting with your kids, there is never just one lone glitter. I don’t even know the word for a single glitter. Glitta? Anyway. Repetition of shiny objects is key when it comes to glitter. There needs to be multiples of the same type of item in the same scale to achieve this affect. So multiple small lights on a wall or over a table, or a series of small mirrors, or several small tables gathered together to make one coffee table.

Glitter is fun. My favorite aspect of glitter is the fun factor. The point of glitter is to create a party atmosphere, with smiles and delight in the shiny whimsical nature of an otherwise unpractical item. Achieving the fun-factor in a room means that it looks like a space where you’d want to gather your besties for a cocktail or a coffee and a chat. It’s a space that makes you smile as soon as you cross the threshold. To achieve this smile, keep the objects minimal so that it is always decluttered and ready for any party additions you’ll need to host a fun gathering. Make sure there is plenty of natural light for daytime, and layers of adjustable lighting for nighttime. Add in little special moments of whimsy to keep the space joyous and interesting to your guests and trigger those memories of your favorite fun moments that you treasure the most.