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  • How to stay in shape during the Holiday Season 2016

How To Stay In Shape During the Holiday Season

Gidon Gabbay, Founder and President of G Force Home Training, offers the best tips on how you can stay in shape during the Holiday Season. His tips and 20-minute workout routine will help keep you looking good and feeling good from head-to-toe.

Being proactive is always better than reactive: Start eating better and sweating it out 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes leading up to the Holiday Season. You will feel less guilty and your body will be able to rev up its metabolism so less fat is stored. Psychologically you will also be less likely to crave sugars if still on a "high" from your workout week.

Moderation is always key: When you’re attending Holiday parties or hosting your own, pick only one of your favourite treats to indulge in. Have a small portion to satisfy your temptation and then call it quits. Remember that the first bite tastes just as good as the last one so there’s really no need for that extra helping of dessert.

Eat healthy: If you know you have little will power when it comes to indulgences, try eating a healthy meal before you leave for an event this season. It’s much easier to resist a temptation when your hunger is already satisfied.

Don’t starve yourself in preparation for a big meal: Many people think that if they’re planning to eat a high caloric dinner, that it’s best to avoid eating breakfast and lunch. This is not true and will actually force your body to store more calories. Instead, eat small healthy meals throughout the day to keep your hormone levels balanced and metabolism running.

Drink water: Like any other day, water intake aids digestion so definitely up your levels of H2O during the gluttony of the Holidays. Staying hydrated will also help you recover from that extra glass of wine.

If you’re too busy for the gym, try waking up 20 minutes earlier than usual: This is ample time to blast through a quick at-home work out and really earn those holiday treats.

My 20 minute at-home workout:

  • -Squat to 90 degrees x 25 times
  • -Jump rope for 3 minutes
  • -Deep squat x 25 times
  • -One leg dead lift x 20 times each leg (Extend one leg back as arms reach forward, balancing on one leg for a single dead lift)
  • -Stationary lung hold x 20 seconds each leg
  • -Push-ups x 15
  • -Reverse plank x 60 seconds
  • -Mountain climbers x 20 seconds
  • -Push-ups x 15
  • -Superman x 50 pulse each side (Lying flat on your stomach reach forward, elevate opposite arm and leg out straight, pulse while squeezing your shoulder blades together)
  • -Stretch!

Of course, peppermint is the festive go-to but don’t under estimate the power of green tea. If ingested regularly a couple of cups will help boost your immune system, speed up your metabolism, and burn off extra calories.

Gidon Gabbay, Founder and President of G Force Home Training, developed the company’s unique philosophy of train your mind to train your body. With over 15 years of personal training experience, his client roster has included everyone from professional athletes to notable entertainers across North America. As a passionate entrepreneur, his vision for the company lies in the principle that customized workouts and nutritional guidance are only half the battle in achieving optimal results. By incorporating mental training into every session, Gidon has created a holistic fitness program that has set G Force apart from its competitors since it launched in 2002. As an Exercise Rehabilitation Specialist, NFPT High Performance Trainer, and Performance Nutritionist, his extensive knowledge of fitness and health ensures that each one of G Force’s clients will reach their maximum potential. Having now passed on client management to current Fitness Manager, Angela Koteski, he continues his research and study of meditative practice and modern fitness methods to drive the company’s evolving practice.

-by Gidon Gabbay