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How to Pick the Right Real Estate Agent

​I’ve always wondered how people choose to work with a particular Realtor. With my own clients, I get a peek into the process. After every closing, I usually ask clients if they would mind writing a short testimonial for me. I learn a lot through these testimonials—and the No.1 thing they all have in common is that they almost all mention trust. A huge part of their positive experience was due to the fact that they trusted me to give them the right advice and to put their best interests above all else. Trust is key to your relationship with your Realtor, too. How do you choose the right Realtor who you can completely trust? Here are some tips to safeguard your next real estate transaction.

Google it!

Do some online research about your Realtor before committing. Click on images and see the photos that are associated with this person. You can see the work they are currently involved in. Do your due diligence and learn all you can about who this person is! Be that private detective!

Check for a website

Every serious Realtor should have a website that shows current listings, sold listings and their biography. Having a website shows that a Realtor is credible, proud of their work and organized. If a Realtor does not have a website, I would question how serious they are about their career.


Recognition is important in any industry! To be honoured for your work is proof that you are doing a great job and making a difference. Search and see if a Realtor you are considering has won any awards or been honoured for any top achievements. This is proof that your Realtor is doing something right.

Check social media presence

Social media can offer good insights about your Realtor. Check to see if your Realtor has their own business page on places like Facebook. Does it show them working with buyers? Does it show their sold listings? You can check their personal social media channels, too, to get an idea of their personality, hobbies and interests. Does this person seem like a good fit for you? You want to work with someone you can rely on.

Feel the connection

After you’ve done your online research, meet your prospective Realtor in person. See if you have a good rapport. Do you share similar values? Do you feel good in their presence? Trust your gut and go with your instinct. You want to work with someone who is truthful and genuine. Someone who is looking out for your best interests, not just looking for a quick commission. (Tip: Ask them about their previous clients and previous closings. If they maintain relationships with their clients, that’s a great sign.)

Do they own property?

Ask a potential Realtor whether they own property or not. It’s important that the person you trust with your money is someone who is personally invested in real estate, too. This will make them much more experienced and knowledgeable and demonstrate that they believe in real estate, have the skills to invest their own money in real estate, and have a passion for, and a personal investment in the market. After all, if they don’t have their own investments, how can you be sure they can reliably tell you what property you should invest in?  

-by Mahsheed Barghisavar