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How to Make Wireless Technology Safer at Home

I am equally concerned about sources of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) coming from outside of our work and living spaces. Although we sometimes have less control over these sources, we all have the option to make changes and improvements to our home environments.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have written articles covering some different aspects of this topic along with a discussion about electromagnetic fields (EMF), from electrical wiring and appliances with a number of strategies to mitigate your exposure.My goal for this series of articles is to help raise awareness of some of the bigger issues of EMR and EMF exposure and provide insights to some easy options to change to healthier ways.

Any devices that communicate wirelessly have the ability to send out a “beacon signal”…ie. a signal looking for devices to connect to, “Hey, is anyone out there…enter your password and connect to me”… and this means that 2.485 GHz microwave radiation is being pulsed—blasted out approximately 10 times per second in the case of Wifi and approximately 100 times per second in the case of most cordless DECT phones.The strength of this beacon signal is often determined just by looking at all of the wireless access points that you see when logging onto a new Wifi router.In some cases, in a large metropolitan city of condo building, you will see 20 or more available Wifi connection points. These connection points are sending out beacon signals constantly and this is what we need to be concerned about.

The closer we are to the device, the stronger the exposure to microwave radiation is.This also happens with the BlueTooth built into our laptop computers, TVs, Apple TVs, our cars, the list goes on and on. Many of these features are not often needed and can be easily disabled. After doing my research on the dangers of overexposure to chronic microwaves—it is highly advisable to do so.There are meters that you can buy, or hire someone who has them, to help you identify sources of EMR and EMF because they are invisible and we can’t hear them!

Wired Solutions

When you approach your family and tell them that their use of wireless is potentially dangerous and that they need to stop using it – they will get upset because most people think that by losing a wireless connection means they are losing access to the Internet.Wireless and the Internet is not the same thing. When you say that it’s time to go back to Ethernet cables, your wife will say that she does not like the look of wires on the floor or stapled to the baseboards. However, there is a technology that allows you to send radio signals over your home power line wires. It’s called BPL or Broadband over Power Lines.It’s commonly known as HOMEPLUG.

This website lists ways in which you can use a combination of wired and wireless alternatives. There is a product listed there that is absolutely worth mentioning because it can greatly reduce our need to broadcast Wifi beacon signals constantly throughout the home.This can easily be incorporated into an existing home without running any new network cabling, yet it is not wireless.The product is called PowerLine by d-Link and it uses your existing electrical wiring to give you hardwired outlets where needed…and it is so easy…plug and play.Let’s take Apple TV or Android Box, for example.Both products are highly popular and where many of us access NetFlix.Both products need an electrical outlet and access to Internet.If you use the d-Link PowerLine product, you won’t have to connect it via Wifi.Just be sure to turn off the Wifi and BlueTooth features in your wireless appliance.Same goes for your smart TV and your laptop, etc. Here is a link to this line of BPL HOME PLUG products:http://ca.dlink.com/product-category/home-solutions/connect/powerline/

My goal is to reduce our use of these wireless technologies to an “as needed” basis, instead of having them running continuously. A great strategy is to turn off the Wifi in your main router, send the Internet signals through your home electrical wires and then use a remote Apple Airport Express connected to a power bar with a d-Link PowerLine device to create an on/off switchable hotspot for times when Wifi is needed on an individual room basis and only use it when needed. I also plugged a small desk reading lamp into the power bar so that I could see if my kids left the light and the Wifi on.Just like you turn off your TV and room light before you go to bed, so should you think the same way about Wifi.My family has been sleeping a lot sounder since I have made these changes and they notice these changes in themselves. It’s a good way to get them to realize that practicing safe technology does not mean no technology.

Safe and happy surfing!!