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Thanksgiving in the USA: How to Host In Style

The countdown is on and in a few days Thanksgiving in the USA will be here

Everyone loves Thanksgiving: it’s a fun time to spend with family and friends and we all enjoy the holiday as it gives us some time to rest and relax too.

If you are hosting a Thanksgiving dinner however it can also be a stressful time. But it doesn’t need to be.

Here are HOSS Magazine’s top tips on how you can host Thanksgiving in style with minimal effort.

Go shopping in your backyard: This year skip out on running around to find that lavish floral centerpiece for your main table. Instead, open up your backdoor and collect branches of sorts: holly, crab apple or bittersweet berries. Any of these will look nice in a vase at the centre of your table where dinner is being served.

Give the kids a place to eat: Yes, when you host a Thanksgiving dinner then chances are that your guests will include kids. Set up a table for them near the main table so that they can enjoy themselves. Cover up their table with paper and put crayons out so they can draw and play games like tic-tac-toe.

Put labels on your dishes: While we all enjoy having family and friends over, we also know that some picky eaters will be at the table. Never worry, just label each dish so that everyone knows what they are eating. This is also a great idea as some of your guests may be vegetarians or have food allergies.

Wow them with cool place-cards: Instead of going with standard place-cards at the table this year, create a picture ID for each guest. Your guests will get a laugh when they see them and everyone will know exactly where to sit.

Skip the wreath this year: Many of us think we need a wreath on our front door. However, instead of shopping for one or making your own (which is timely), grab some pinecones from the backyard and some ribbon and in minutes you can construct your very own pinecone door hanger.

Fake it, don’t bake it: Baking a cake or a pie can be time consuming. This year you need to work smarter not harder, so call up your local your local grocery store or bakery and have them make your desserts for you – your guests will love it!

Takeout boxes work: If you are cooking up lots of food then you know that there will probably be lots of leftovers. This year pick up some takeout boxes so your guests will leave with your eats.