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  • How to drink and stay healthy this Holiday Season

How to Drink and Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

The Holiday Season is now in full swing and scores of us will be attending parties and hosting them. And yes this is the time of year where there are plenty of opportunities to “drink and be merry.” One thing, it’s important to be smart about your drinking and there really is nothing merry with having a hangover or drinking too much. Here are HOSS Magazine’s top tips on how you can be smart about your drinking this Christmas.

Stay away from sugary drinks: The more sugar you consume the more harm it does on your body. Try mixing your booze with fresh fruit juice without sugar, or even water. You will love how good drinks taste without sugar and you will feel better the next day.

Avoid mixing drinks: Don’t go all out with your drinking. If you are having wine, then have a couple of glasses and the same holds true with beer and mixed drinks. Stay with one drink for the night and you will be a much happier camper the next day.

Clearer booze is better: Whiskey, red wine and even bourbon are high in calories. So, go for other drink options on the lighter side like vodka, light beer, and gin.

Eat before you drink and eat while you drink: Grab a snack or a meal before you consume alcohol as it’s never good to drink on an empty stomach. And ensure you have healthy snacks out while you party as they help ensure your body is absorbing alcohol properly.

Water is good: Alcohol causes dehydration and this is why it’s important to drink lots of water before, during and after your night out.

Drink less or don’t drink at all: When you are out, or hosting your own Christmas party, try having a couple of drinks, or enjoy some non-alcoholic beverages. And you know the rule: If you can’t have one then don’t have none - it’s as simple as that.

So enjoy the holidays and drink responsibly and don’t drink and drive!