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How to Create a Family Room that Everyone Will Love

So how do you mix all of the needs and wants into one room? I've got a few tips to making your family room for the entire family, and it can definitely be instagrammable, too.

Yes, scale is the biggest factor when it comes to making a family room fitting for a family. There needs to be enough places to sit comfortably, to snuggle up, to sprawl out. However, if your clan likes to chill, there needs to be enough of those spots. And when there's a limit on space, those elements—chairs, pillows, ottomans, sofas—all need to fit inside that family room space. There are tons of oversized pieces that look like you could fit a baseball team on them, but really, can't because of the way the sofa is constructed. And then there are furniture options designed sparingly with ample room for our family to sprawl out, but with less overall size. So go to the furniture shop and try out real furniture. You can always take measurements and order something similar sized online.

Even though it's a family room, it doesn't need a TV. More millennials are tuning in on devices and through social networking than TV these days, and it's a trend that doesn't seem to be a fad. So maybe skip the traditional big TV in the family room. A fireplace, game table, mini corner stage, or other activity-based design elements can help a family bond, share a laugh, and relax together at the end of a busy day or week.

The easiest way to update and personalize any space is through the decor. I believe that a family room should represent everyone in the family. So even if I love bold flower prints and wicker baskets, I shouldn't shun the rustic wood shelf and glossy red table that my husband loves (OK, I love those, too). And I should embrace my son’s love of Minecraft and my daughter’s fascination of origami. While it's usually the mom who decides what elements are included in a family room, it's the family that should feel celebrated inside that room. And yes, you can still veto things that make you uncomfortable, but that means your family can veto elements of your taste, too.

If your spouse feels uncomfortable around neon green, steer clear of that colour. Same goes for patterns and other hues that turn off a family member. Colour can affect mood, appetite, and it can be completely visceral. It's always best to stick with colours that nobody dislikes, and keep the patterns and textures in line with your family’s style, whether conservative or bold. So if your son thinks pink is so girly it can't even touch his belongings, then using pink will make him steer clear of that family space, too. But maybe that's a good strategy to keep the kids out of your bedroom. <wink wink>