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  • How to Choose the Right Speakers for your Home

How to Choose the Right Speakers for your Home

​Electronics come and go for the most part, surround sound formats change, music sources change, video sources change…speakers, though, can continue to be enjoyed for 10 years or more without question.

Although some may not like the look of speakers, while others don’t much care, the reality is that a well-chosen speaker can greatly add to the decor and provide fantastic sound.

How to find the right speaker 

When looking for a speaker system for your family room, ask yourself: Do I want great sound for movies, TV, music or all of the above? Can the speakers be visible and possibly be looked upon as musical instruments? Or do they need to be hidden or built in to walls and ceilings? Will the speakers be too big or too small for the room? What does my room sound like, is it reflective, dull, or neutral? A room that is comfortable to have a conversation in will sound good for your speakers too. Furniture and area rugs will change how your room sounds for the better. How long will you stay at your current house and will you want to take the speakers with you or sell them with the house?

Listen Up 

OK, I know it is a lot of questions…however, speakers can be expensive, they can make or break a room visually and you are going to spend a good part of your life listening to them. A good speaker decision will be very rewarding, I assure you. A lot of people claim that they cannot hear the difference between speakers. Even if you are not experienced at defining the differences between speakers, you will know if voices sound intelligible or muddled. Also, you will know if it sounds "boomy" or "tight". You will definitely know if the sound is open and natural, like a live performance or if it sounds like it is coming from the speaker boxes themselves. Take the time to listen to some different styles and different price points and you will quickly know what will work for you.

Speakers as Decor 

Don’t be afraid to display speakers in your decor. A nice pair of high quality tower speakers flanking an antique cabinet is a wonderful look. A great stereo system is also a superb option for watching TV, movies and listening to music. Personally I have been in the audio industry my whole life and I will take a high performance pair of tower speakers with a nice amplifier over having seven small speakers and a subwoofer any day!

Book some time for speaker hunting and visit some showrooms, it will be fun!!