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Hot Home Tech

Technology is amazing and here are some new innovations that will raise the IQ of your home.

Cutting Edge Security

The Presence Security Camera by Netatmo almost has a mind of its own as it detects and reports on people, cars and animals that are outside your home. Placed outside the house, this cutting-edge camera instantly detects if someone is loitering around your home, if a car enters the driveway or if a pet wanders into the yard. It understands what it sees and sends notifications to your smartphone or tablet when something new is detected in a monitored area. This outdoor camera comes in handy whether you’re in your home, across town or on vacation. $349, netatmo.com

Better Garage Door Opener

The Chamberlain MyQ Garage Best Smart Garage Door Opener allows you to monitor and control your garage door right from your smartphone or tablet and it connects directly with your Wi-fi network. MyQ is loaded with features, including a battery back-up that allows for normal use even while the power is out; a strong and durable steel-reinforced belt that is as quiet as a whisper; and powerful, cutting-edge motors that provide quiet, long-lasting durability even when used often. $238, chamberlain.com

Flexible Cooking Technology

Now you can add flexibility to your dinner schedule with the Belkin Crock-Pot WeMoSmart Slow Cooker. Download the free WeMo app to your mobile device and sync it to the Crock-Pot for instant access to all your slow cooker’s functions—wherever you are. The app lets you change cooking times and adjust the temperature with the click of a button. The slow cooker can also be monitored and controlled from the LEDscreen. Simple to use and compatible with Android and Apple devices. $129, belkin.com

Slim, Stylish, Superb

From face-offs to touchdowns; from action scenes to guitar solos, the new slim, stylish LG 4K-Ultra-HD flat screen TV takes your sports and entertainment experiences to a whole new level. LG’s OLED technology offers an unforgettable cinematic experience with its deep blacks and superb colour contrast in Dolby Vision. OLED TVs are available with curved or flat screens in a range of sizes, each one featuring an exclusive Haman Kardon sound bar with stand. $4,999 - $9,999, lg.com

Responsive Battery

The ROOST Smart Battery helps your home run smoother and smarter by notifying you when alarm batteries are running low, so you no longer deal with those annoying 3 a.m. chirps. ROOST also lets you silence a smoke alarm with a single tap to your smartphone—helpful when burning toast sets off alarm bells. Your mobile device will be notified when an alarm goes off in your home and ROOST also sends emergency alerts instantly to your friends and family. Even better, you can now finally rule the ‘roost’ without breaking the bank. $34.99, getroost.com

Smarter Smart Lock

Fumbling with your keys is now a thing of the past, thanks to the Kevo 2nd Generation Touch-to-Open Smart Lock, powered by your smartphone and Bluetooth. The app sends notifications to your smartphone or tablet indicating exactly who is locking and unlocking your door. Send a friend or neighbour an eKey while you are away to ensure your home is safe and sound. This technology also works with a variety of products: Nest Learning Thermostat, Honeywell Thermostats, Ring Video Doorbell, Android Wear and Skybell Video Doorbell. $229, kwikset.com