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HOSS Friends Share Their Most Memorable Mother’s Day

Sarah Baeumler, Andre Chevigny, Glen Peloso, Stephen Fanuka, and Sara Bendrick share their most memorable Mother's Day.

With Mother’s Day around the corner, we reached out to some of our celebrity contributors to share their most memorable day with Mom. Here’s what they said…

Sarah Baeumler

This is an easy one, Mother's Day, 2013! This was my first Mother's Day with all four of my children. With the arrival of Josephine that year, I felt that my family was complete. Although that Sunday was rainy and cold, it brought with it a sense of contentment that all mothers feel when they reach the point that they know their family is complete. I always knew I wanted a large family, and four was the number I had in my head from the get go, so this was my favourite Mother's Day. I will always remember it.

Andre Chevigny

It was Mother's Day in 1979. My mom, brother and I took her camping to a place just west of Williams Lake. I was 15 years old and drove, even though I didn'€™t have a license. It was so great to just spend some excellent quality time together.

Sara Bendrick

A few years ago, I took my grandma and my mom on a walking residential garden tour. It was great, lots of flowers, music and wine walking from one house to another gathering ideas for their own yard.

Stephen Fanuka

That's a no brainer. I surprised my mom with a long Mother's Day weekend in Rome. It gave us a few days to reminisce about our life when I was a kid and a reminder that there's no woman who could ever replace a mother's love for her child.

Glen Peloso

About 10 years ago on Mother's Day, my mom and I were discussing growing up and how difficult raising five children (four boys, at that!) was. We got to talking about the things you wished you didn't do as a parent, and I offered that kids felt bad about things they had done to parents as well. We decided to share/apologize/forgive those things we both held on to as "I shouldn't have done/said that" moments. We talked and, to our amazement, neither of us really had any recollection of the things the other had felt bad about for all those years! It was freeing and loving and prompted by my mom. A kind of Mother's Day gift to the both of us. Moms are amazing - they remain your mom for your entire life!