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Home Theatre Sound That Your TV Can Stand On

Sonos will be launching PLAYBASE in April and this technology offers superb sound.

So you have a flat screen TV and you are utilizing the factory table top stand so that it can sit on a piece of furniture. This is a nice look and very simple for future upgrades, and personally I like it a lot. This is often a great approach for kids rooms or kids gaming areas too as it makes it easier for plugging and playing HDMI cables.

However, there is one big challenge for getting an improved home theatre sound system with this kind of set-up: where do you put the speakers? Well, meet PLAYBASE. PLAYBASE is a table top home theatre sound bar styled sound system that is designed for your TV to literally sit on top of it. Yes, it’s way cool.

As you know I am a fan of Sonos and they are very successful worldwide, and they are the market share leader when it comes to wireless audio and multi-zone audio systems. I am confident that PLAYBASE will be a great sounding product and will work flawlessly with the Sonos app. You will also be able to pair PLAYBASE with other Sonos home theatre products such as PLAYSUB and their stand-alone speakers. According to Sonos, they have been developing PLAYBASE for the past three years.

Dealers can pre-order now, but the official release date is April 4th, 2017.Ah, yes, new toys sure are great.

There is always something new coming out to look forward to. Life is good and is even better with awesome sound.