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Hobbit-style cottage rental ranked 4th in world

A ‘hobbit-style home’ owned by Alexis Borsboom in Mayne Island, British Columbia, is getting plenty of attention.

Airbnb has just ranked her cob cottage home as the fourth-most “Wish-Listed” rental property in the entire world.

This small home, known as a cob house, is quant, cute and cozy in every sense. It accommodates two people and has one bedroom and one bathroom. It costs $140 a night to rent. But good luck getting a rental—the waiting list is very long. In fact the home is booked solid right up until late September of this year.

“About two days ago we were just flooded with inquiries,” Borsboom told All Points West host Robyn Burns.

“At first we thought it was just a really rainy weekend in January, and it seemed like it was a good time for people to begin fantasizing about their summer vacations,” she said.

This small home, known as a cob house, is quant, cute and cozy in every sense.

“Friends and neighbours on the island sent us links that they'd seen in the media and we were totally amazed.”

Borsboom and her husband are cob house enthusiasts and the home has brought the couple close together.

“It was our first home … it's just been such a special and important place in our lives,” she said.

Borsboom indicates that while they now rent out their special fairy tale charm home, the real satisfaction they get is seeing others enjoy the cob culture and lifestyle.

“We still feel like we're showing cob and introducing new people to cob,” she said.

“People find it very soothing. And very relaxing.”

To check out the cottage, visit airbnb.ca/rooms/1720832

Image credit Airbnb.ca

-by HOSS Staff