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HGTV Launches Holmes + Holmes Series

New TV series with Mike Holmes and Mike Holmes Jr. Premiers November 10, 2016, at 10:00 PM (ET/PT) on HGTV Canada

HGTV Canada is putting two Holmes under one roof as Canada’s most trusted contractor, Mike Holmes, and his son, Mike Holmes Jr. (MJ), team up in Holmes + Holmes premiering November 10 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

The brand-new, Canadian original series follows the father-son duo as they work together to renovate MJ’s modest bungalow into the perfect first home for MJ and his girlfriend, Lisa. Complementary digital content at HGTV.ca offers fans some of the Holmes’ top tips for renovating and a further glimpse into their relationship in several digital short series.

Mike Holmes has helped hundreds of homeowners over the years, but now the homeowner who needs his help is his son, MJ.

In Holmes + Holmes, viewers learn more about the personal lives of the Holmes men as they experience the ups and downs of their most personal renovation challenge to date. While Mike and MJ share a last name, a strong work ethic, and a desire to help others, they don’t always see eye to eye. Their different approaches provide the foundation for unexpected moments of humour and drama – though they always vow to build it right.

“I am thrilled to be starring in a new TV series with my son,” says Mike. “It’s a great way to introduce him to his new found professional career. Let me tell you, my son is a natural. He knows how to talk and get the job done. He is sure good at what he does and he is a pro.”

He adds, “Our new series reveals the true pain that comes with renovating a home, but highlights the rewards in the end. We also educate homeowners on how they can successfully renovate their homes while sticking to a realistic budget. Even better, the entire series is full of surprises: from indoor skydiving to fun and laughs… viewers will enjoy every minute of it.”

Mike Jr. has a hunch that the new series will be a hit. “Viewers will enjoy getting to know us − Mike Sr. and Mike Jr. − on a more deeper and personable level. In each show we get down to work and each show is filled with all sorts of emotion: one minute you will be laughing your pants off and the next you will be crying.”

What makes the TV series so interesting is that both father and son get to articulate the importance of why builders need to start constructing smarter homes.

“Over 80 percent of homes built in Canada have poor indoor air quality compared to outdoor air quality and this is something that has to change,” says Mike. “The rates of asthma and allergies across our nation are alarming and viewers will appreciate how we utilize new technology of sorts that are essential when it comes to building smarter homes.”

Mike Jr, adds, “Building smarter homes is important on the health and environmental fronts. Now my Dad and I get to show developers and homebuyers on the ways in which smart homes can be constructed, and how new technology, believe it or not, is really not all that expensive.”

HGTV.ca further enriches the Holmes experience for fans with three new digital short series featuring Mike Holmes, MJ and his girlfriend, Lisa. The first digital short series includes construction and how-to tips allowing fans to learn from the pros themselves. Lisa stars in her own digital short series, Lisa’s Healing Herbs, a garden and wellness series where she explores the benefits of herbs – garlic, ginger and mint. Additional rapid-fire questions between Mike, MJ and Lisa result in hilarious, candid responses in several short-form videos. Full episodes of Holmes + Holmes will also be available at HGTV.ca after each episode airs.