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Halloween decorating made easier

Holiday decorating doesn’t have to cost a fortune or take an entire Saturday. It is way less stressful to show your festive support of a holiday.

In order to save time and money, and still give a giant ‘wow’ effect for your efforts, you need to do the most important step in decorating and design. Take a step back.

Whether you are enjoying a portrait in a museum or looking at your front porch, you have to take a step back to truly take in the entire view. And shake off whatever is occupying your brain. Yes, you need bananas at the grocery, or you are fretting about how to celebrate your mom’s birthday, or you are waiting to find out if you got that new coveted job, or you hope you’ll slip into that new dress by the holiday party, or whatever is top-of-mind. Let it go, and Taylor Swift ‘shake it off’ for a few minutes. Truly look at what you are seeing.

When you look for real, with non-biased eyes, you’ll see things you didn’t see before. And when you shake off the creeping ever-presenting inner nagging dialog, then your brain is free for creative thoughts to pop in.

Now that we are in a creative-mind-space, let’s talk simple décor.

Nature has it. Whatever the holiday, chances are Mother Nature has created a few elements that can work for your show-stopping décor. For Halloween, gourds, leaves, sticks, and flowers all work perfectly. There are thousands of ways to decorate a gourd beyond the simple face carving into a Jack-o-lantern. Paint and glitter make it really easy to do a kid-friendly afternoon makeover of pumpkin. Flower pots on porch steps, wreaths of leaves, and painted sticks gathered in a spooky way are all you’ll need to add to welcome your Trick-or-Treaters this Halloween.

Theme it out. Selecting a theme always help keep the budget under control when decorating a room for everyday or for a special holiday. It helps because if something doesn’t ‘fit’ the theme, it just won’t be put in the shopping cart. If you go spooky Halloween, then pretty little flowerpots with yellow mums isn’t going to work. Buying one skeleton, and then using its parts separately will extend the usefulness of the purchase and increase the scare-factor. The hand could be reaching out of a flowerpot, a leg hanging could be hanging from the ceiling, and the skull could be placed inside a Jack-o-lantern.

Shop your house. The best place to shop for deals is your own home. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll save, in time and money, when you reuse elements from everyday or stored away items as holiday décor. Let go of the reason why you bought the object and distance yourself from the ‘intention’ of the object, so you can see the potential of the object. Glitter can makeover anything, from old glasses and vases to picture frames and coasters. After objects are painted or glittered, you can gather them in a new way as a centerpiece for a tablescape, or as a wreath for a door. Another easy Halloween decoration is making spiders from pipe cleaners and bats from poster board or paper. You can paint the paper or poster black, if it’s another color.

I hope these decorating tips help you with your holiday décor ideas. I’d love to see what you create. Join us to share your ideas and ask design questions on Wednesday at 8pmET for #HossDesign chat on Twitter.