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Get your Home Summer Ready This Weekend

Spring is in full swing and summer is only weeks away. If you want your home to be summer ready this year, there are a few things you can do this weekend to get started.

Rotate Your Shed 

Say a not so tearful goodbye to snow shovels, sidewalk salt, your snow-blower and skis. It’s finally time to bring your lawnmower, hose, fertilizer, garden tools and summer sports gear to the forefront. Have these tools easily accessible, this will prevent you rummaging through the cold reminders of a snowy time past to access your summer needs. 

Get that Grill Ready 

Get your grill ready to cook. Disassemble the BBQ from the tray to the roof (of course you must make sure you are following manufacture’s instructions) and clean it with water and a mild detergent. Do the grill separately using a coarse wired brush. After you have finished cleaning put it back together and heat the BBQ on high for a few minutes. To finish, wipe the BBQ grates with a thin layer of cooking oil. It may not look as good as new but the food you cook on it will certainly taste better. 

Get Ready to Host! 

Make sure your blender is ready to whip up some awesome daiquiris, clean your ice trays and dust off those summer cookbooks. It’s almost that time to host a summer gathering. It’s also a good idea to find your summer dinner wear and glasses. We suggest melamine or something of the sort that isn’t so easy to break. 

Update Your Airflow 

Replace your air conditioner’s filter and take the cover off your AC unit. There are also many great cooling filtered room fans on the market right now, that also include a filter to purify your air. Turn your ceiling fan so that the blades are tilted upwards as they spin, this helps to create a stronger draft and push air downward to keep you cool. It’s also a great idea to ensure that you dust those ceiling fans before you turn them on. 

Transform Your Deck into Extension of Your Indoor Space 

Make your deck the best room in your house. Clean off the deck or patio with a hose and warm soapy water. Don’t forget the patio furniture too. Those tables and chairs will need a good wipe down. Once you are done playing Cinderella on your deck, you can choose some neat outdoor décor. Twinkle lights, lanterns and pillows can make your outdoor space feel like home. 

There are many things you can do to get your home summer ready this weekend. Get started and when it’s done, crack a cold one on that freshly washed patio and grill up some burgers on your sparkling clean barbecue. You will be happy it’s done.