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Freshen up your garden with easy pops of colour

Colour your garden happy for spring and summer

If you’ve been out in the garden planting seeds and bulbs, waiting for those little beauties to pop through the ground and add their delightful colour to your world, there’s a quicker fix to the colour conundrum.

Just add a few little colourful DIY features to your garden. Not only are these ideas easy to do, they also add personality to your plants.

  • Garden markers. While almost every bloom from a garden centre has a little plastic marker, your plants don’t have to live their lifetime next to a little boring piece of plastic. Use little chalkboards or paint stir sticks in bold colours and write the names of the plants with permanent marker.
  • Pots and containers. If you are ‘so over’ the colour of your plant pots, update the hue to one that makes your heart sing. After cleaning and drying the pot, use spray paint made for exterior use. It’s best to put on lots of light sweeping layers to achieve that ‘born-with-that-colour’ look.
  • Tile mosaic. Who hasn’t tucked away a broken treasure that’s just too heartbreaking to part with? Well, I have. And reusing those pieces to make a new little art project can be fun, and an interesting way to add your personality to your garden.
  • Tables and chairs. I’m a happy designer when I see the boring choices of dark green, white and grey plastic chairs are no longer universally accepted. But colour can fade over time. I think of this as a perfect opportunity to add a little fun to a sitting spot. Try a bold colour that grabs your attention. You can always update it later.