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Frank Lloyd Wright-Inspired Design Hotel

The more I travel, the tougher it seems for me to experience those gasp-worthy moments. I’ve experienced many hotels, tiny boutique resorts and mammoth mini-communities. As a designer, our formative years are defined and refined by studying all the greats that existed before us. The architects, the artists the industrial designers that had that innate magic we strive to emulate, or in the least defer to as that which we admit is simply, bigger than us. The Arizona Biltmore, A Waldorf Astoria Resort is one of America’s most iconic and storied resorts, a synonym for rich history and grand style.

With Frank Lloyd Wright’s celebrated style setting the stage, they opened in 1929 with socialites, titans of business and prominent politicians flocking to the “Jewel of the Desert,” ushering in a Gatsby-like era of extravagance and cachet that continues today. At the landmark resort, the spotlight shines on experiences that create a sophisticated and engrossing vacation lifestyle.

A recent renovation to the historic main building strikes that all important balance between today’s contemporary and tech features while keeping tradition front-facing. All 98 original guest rooms, social spaces and main lobby have received a new layering of luxe in the iconic Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired design.

Custom details wow from first impression, greeted with stained glass inspired lobby carpets, a nod to the glamour of 1929.My favourite detail here, being the spectacular lollipop lamps adding a gentle touch against Wright’s geometric patterning and color.

Guests are invited to join an architectural tour of the property, with looks inside the ornate event spaces; ball rooms of eras past. We were given a rare glimpse into what at one time was a “speakeasy," designed during prohibition-era, a series of doors of the otherwise intimate room allowed a quick escape. History and detail are abundant in every corner. Recently renovated guests rooms offer the perfect escape. All the classic elements remain throughout with a modern and elegant layering of the new. The evening walk form the outer buildings to the main lobby, if caught just right offers a golden pink layering at sunset washing all the sandy grey Frank Lloyd Wright detailing a new shadowy depth. Truly a must experience hotel for fans of great design

Toronto-based celebrated designer and contractor Melissa Davis, is known for her appearances, creative design and reno work produced for various HGTV shows. Her work has been profiled nationally in print publications. With almost two decades of reno & design experience her firm continues to service clientele throughout Ontario, GTA & Canada, specializing in value-adding ROI and resale consultations.