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How To Decorate Your Home for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving in the United States is right around the corner and before you know it family and friends will be arriving at your doorstep to celebrate the special occasion.

So, are you looking for easy ways to decorate your home before November 24, 2016? Well, HOSS Magazine has some great décor tips to have your home Thanksgiving ready in no time.

Thanksgiving Wreath For The Front Door: A great way to welcome your guests is with a ‘Give Thanks’ wreath on your front door. There are many available at this time of year, or you can decorate your own homemade wreath anyway you wish with all sorts of things like pinecones, roses and hydrangeas, to name a few examples

Buy A Message Board: When your guests arrive have them write down what they are thankful for on a paper leaf and then post it on a message board in your main hallway or the living room. Message boards come in all sorts of styles – plain and framed like - and making paper leafs in different colours is a cinch.

Get Creative With Candle Holders: There are scores of inexpensive candle holders on the market so pick some up and display them with gourds and small pumpkins. You can place candle holders with your decorations on window-sills and on the dining room table where the main meal will be served.

Decorate Your Fireplace & Mantel: Usually a fireplace is the focal point for the living room and placing decorations on the mantel is a great way to bring Thanksgiving alive. Go ahead and get creative when decorating your mantel. Some ideas: orange candles on black candleholders, small pumpkins (orange and white), and homemade or purchased signage (framed or standalone) of sorts like “Give Thanks,” “Thankful,” and “Happy Thanksgiving.” Another great décor tip is placing large sized pumpkins and small hay stacks in front of the actual fireplace to really accent the special occasion.

Place Nature Baskets Around Your Home: Nature baskets come in all sorts of styles, so pick some that blend well with an autumn theme and you can’t go wrong. You can fill them up with all sorts of things like pinecones, corks, acorn caps, acorns, Thanksgiving cards, and small pumpkin. Nature baskets can be checkered throughout your home too - in the living room, dining room and kitchen.

Bottle Displays For Windowsills and Shelfs: Old bottles of sorts always come in handy for special occasions including Thanksgiving. To give that extra touch you can display them with dried wheat or bittersweet berries in gold, or with whatever you wish. Bottle displays are ideal for windowsills and shelfs, so go to town and get decorating.

Decorate The Dinner Table With Style: Of course the dinner table is the spot where everyone gathers to enjoy good eats and memorable conversations. There are so many ways you can decorate your table at Thanksgiving, so again get creative. Try these as ideas: fall floral centerpiece, small pumpkins, candles, and autumn themed dinnerware and accessories.