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Creating a Warehouse Look with Black Chalk Paint™ Wax

Annie Sloan, the ‘Queen of Paint’ and best-selling author of 25 books on decorative painting shows you how to create a graphic and dramatic Warehouse look using Chalk Paint™ and Black Chalk Paint™ Wax.

Step 1:  Paint your piece of furniture with your chosen colour (Annie used Antibes Green, a bright green from the Annie Sloan Colour Palette). Bear in mind that Annie Sloan Coloured Waxes work best on textured paint work, so don’t apply the paint too smoothly.

Step 2: Once dry, apply Clear Chalk Paint™ Wax. You can use a lint-free cloth for this, or to make it really easy try one of Annie Sloan’s Wax Brushes. Be sure to cover the surface, and remove any excess using a cloth.

Step 3: Next up, before the Clear Wax dries, work Black Chalk Paint™ Wax into your piece. Using a big brush will help you cover it quickly! Make certain that you apply the wax in all directions, so that the grain is all covered.

Step 4: Next, remove any excess using a lint-free cloth. How long you leave the Black Wax on before wiping off the excess depends on how dark you want the final effect to be (the longer, the darker).

Step 5: Go back to applying some Clear Wax to remove more of the excess Black Wax - like this, Clear Wax acts as a bit of an eraser, removing Black Wax where it's too thick. 

To find your closest Annie Sloan location visit: www.anniesloan.com.

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-by Annie Sloan