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  • Conrad Black sells Bridle Path Mansion
  • Conrad Black Mansion
  • Conrad Black Mansion Interior

Conrad Black Is Selling His Urban Toronto Castle

Former media mogul Conrad Black and his wife, Barbara, want to downsize their lifestyles.

This is why their mansion, located at 26 Park Lane Circle in Toronto, goes up for auction in early March. The property has an estimated value of $21.8 million. The Bridal Path mansion was originally built by Black’s father.

The home, which sits on 6.6 acres of property, is beyond impressive. It has 9 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a spacious guest suite, and a coach house. The home also has an indoor pool and spa, a massive library, and even a chapel that was consecrated by two cardinals.

Black has issued a statement on why they are selling their long-time home.

“It is a big house for two people. We will be abroad a good deal, and moving to a more manageable home will be a convenience to us now as our careers have evolved,” states Black.

Adam Daifallah, who is the family’s spokesperson, also issued a statement.

“Conrad and Barbara Black … are at a point in their lives where they no longer need such a large space. The children have all moved out, upkeep is time consuming and costly, they rarely entertain, and, given their frequent travels to Europe and elsewhere, they decided it was time for something more manageable in Toronto,” he states.

Concierge Auctions of New York and real estate agent Barry Cohen from Re/Max Realtron Realty Inc. are both auctioning off the home.