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Choosing the right UPS to improve your “Smart Home” reliability

Last week we talked about how electronic components can get “locked up” and how this can wreak havoc in your life in terms of unreliable system operation and component longevity. We discussed the importance of have a solid home network as the Ethernet connections and internet access in your home are so critical these days.

We also talked about having a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply, ie. battery back-up) for your mission critical devices such as your computer network router, home automation processor and your security surveillance system for example. And lastly we covered how some components these days will need to be power cycled from time to time and this is considered “normal” operation and is covered in the owner’s manuals.

Today we will discuss the UPS system features in more detail. The UPS is not a sexy topic and I personally find it hard to spend money on the “practical” stuff when I could be upgrading my TV to the next size up!! But having the right UPS can make a very big difference to the reliability of your system and help to ensure no system disruptions or lockups. One of my favourite go to UPS systems is made by the Middle Atlantic brand. The products are bullet proof, are built to last and they work great.

You will need to review the optional models with your integrator for your system, but a very common choice for me is the UPS-1000R-8IP, check it out at this link: http://www.middleatlantic.com/products/power/ups-backup-power-systems/ups-backup-power-systems/ups-1000r-8ip.aspx

Some things I love about this model are this it has a 4 millisecond transfer time which means that your backed up devices will only be without power for ¼ of a cycle and hence will continue running without a hitch. This model also offers super clean conditioned power, Mid Atlantic refers to this as Pure Sine Wave Technology. And the best feature of all is that all 8 of the power outlets are controllable from a web based interface which lets you power cycle each individual outlet separately from your computer. So if you need to re-boot your router, or a cable box for example, you don’t need to bring your flashlight down to the rack and hunt for the right power cord to pull out!!

Next week we will review different types of power surges and power failures that can occur in your home, why they can occur and a great system to minimize the risks of damage and inconvenient disruptions.